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Why not smoke joints?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thrawst, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Very sick of cleaning pieces. Considering smoking joints exclusively, any cons you can see? People say joints waste weed but I don't really notice it a gram will still get me high whether I roll two doobies or smoke 3-4 bowls out of a pipe. Besides, if I get pulled over with a joint they just take the joint away, not like I'm losing an expensive bong or pipe just a piece of paper and <half gram of pot
  2. Up to you.

    I personally hate joints or blunts because it alters taste, you lose smoke, and smelly fingers.
  3. I just smoke with whatever I feel like. If the dog needs a walk, i'll smoke a joint. If it's late and I feel like a smoke, i'll pack a few bowls. If my friends are over we'll pass the bong around.. there's no need to do anything exclusively or boycott a certain way of smoking, there are just times where certain methods fit better than others.
  4. I love a good joint every now and then but truth be told it's a bit of a waste of weed and it doesn't get you as high as bong rips.
  5. The only bad part about smoking joints is your smoking cancerous paper. Before everyone gets mad, i said it's the paper, not the weed. I am well informed marijuana doesn't cause cancer and can actually prevent it. Thats the only risk with joints, the cancerous paper. But if you get papers like RAW papers that aren't bleached they're much much safer. I'm not hating on joints too i love joints i mostly smoke em.
  6. I need a Swisher Sweet sponsorship.

  7. Yes. RAW's are where its at. WAY smoother than a blunt, but I also enjoy a fatty blunt every now and then. I enjoy all methods of smoking. How can anyone say "No I don't like to smoke that way..."? As long as the THC enters your lungs you should be happy.
  8. if u get pulled over eat the joint
  9. I love joints :D
    I would smoke them more but I can't roll haha
  10. I like Joints more, they're portable and whatnot. You just don't get as much THC out of them.
  11. They waste weed. If you live with parents you pretty much can't smoke one inside. You have to keep buying papers. Worse for you. Hotter smoke. Don't get as high. Take longer to make well.
  12. Joints with hemp papers are just as smooth as pipes. Joints are by far my favourite method (when they're rolled nice and tight) but I don't usually have enough weed to justify smoking one.
  13. No joint is as smooth as a bong. Unless you have some absolutely ridiculous filter.

  14. There is a time and place for everything...
    I can't take my 2.5ft bong in my car with me..
    I can't take it snowboarding either lol.
    So Blunts/Big Joints are the way to go for me..
    Ive never been a fan of little pipes either.
  15. All I said was joints aren't as smooth as bongs. I didn't say everyone should stop smoking joints, or only smoke bongs.
  16. Exactly what I was going to say, basically go with the flow man, if you're sick of cleaning your pieces then just put em away for awhile, you'll appreciate them even more when you get back to them :smoke:
  17. I have just recently turned to joints rather than anything. A nice bong rip is good every once in a while, but i really think joints are the way to go. Who's with me :D
  18. Blunts>>>>>>>>>>>>Joints

    Blunts stay lit & get you HIIIIIIGH.
    Joints keep going out & it doesn't get you higher.

  19. But not everyone likes the smoothness of bongs. Infact i fucking hate bongs.

    Op do it bro. I too am like you. I only roll joints or blunts. I have a bub that i use for nugs and roaches. Or scraps. I have a bong but i NEVER use it. I can't stand the things. And having to sit there and pack bowls over and over is annoying. Either a fat gram in my bub. Or a fat gram in my wrap.
  20. Joints stay lit when properly rolled and the same amount of weed in a joint will get you as high as the same amount in a blunt (only difference being extra head rush from tobacco leaf).

    You probably make that assumption because blunts generally contain more weed than joints and because of the tobacco rush.

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