Why not keep re-flowering?

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  1. Are there any solid reasons for not re-vegging and re-flowering the same plant for all eternity except for it takes longer then planting seeds? Will the yields get smaller and smaller?
  2. The potency will decrease overtime its alot better just taking clones
  3. ^What he said: and the beauty of clones is they actually get better with age. The clones already have the "age of the mother" embedded in them, but they are starting as if they are seedlings. It's like giving birth to a kid that already has an 8th grade education! :cool:

  4. It works fine it just takes longer than taking clones from a veging mother. You have to wait for the plant to regenerate and that means waiting for it to revert from a flowering stage to a vegitive stage and then back to flowering and harvest. It is a slower process than cloning and that is why it is not used by most.


  5. Can anyone else confirm on this? I have noticed the potency to increase.. by a lot... There are some crazy trichos growin that weren't there on first harvest...
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    Having revegged several strains more than a few times, I have not found this to be true.

  7. the plant would have to be re-vegged before being flowered again.
    2 problems with re-vegging:
    1. Reverting to vegetative growth can take up to 4 weeks to occur properly.
    This time could have been spent by simply cloning the original plant and growing these clones out instead. Cloning is usually much quicker than re-vegging

    2. Plants that are re-vegged/re-flowered tend to not produce the same quantities of bud that they did during their peak bloom although it is not impossible for them to do so.

    I'm quoting the cannabis grow bible.

    But since potency is pre determined, in the plants genetic make up, I don't think it could make it less potent by re-flowering. As long as it is grown exactly the same as the first time it should turn out exactly the same, the only thing that could happen is if it is grown under poor conditions the second time it might not produce the same amount of THC, it would be the same potency but there would be less of it..
  8. The reason a re-vegged plant gets "better" is because the plant itself has a maturity level that it's just reaching at first flower. But this is still an argument for clones, because the age of the plant remains with the clone.

    I've said it before - using a clone is like having a child that already has an 8th grade education when it's born. You get the benefits of the plants maturity and it's faster than reveg.
  9. reveging takes a while i have a reveg in my grow(link in sig) 2nd reveg first one turned out fine about the same as first run!
    i found you get better results if you cut down root ball to a 8" square and repot before putting it back under 24 hours light.
  10. i have noticed a slight increase in resin production on old mothers that were re-vegged and re-flowered. one must also take into account all of the unnecessary stress this causes a plant and could lead to hermaphroditic tendencies. i figure it is just better to clone than re-veg.

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