why not just give Money to the people, America?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by HongKongPhooey, Aug 5, 2015.

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    Ive been pondering things for a while, but I feel at this point the Libertarian mindset isn't going anywhere. Talk a good talk, but the walk is crippled. Americans are too ignorant and the system is too corrupt.

    So screw it. They're printing like its going out of style, they'll give Money to big banks and Corporations(who are people, hurr durr thanks Supreme Court), they build ridiculous aircraft carriers and giant war machines to kill brown people, why not give back to the people who are "paying it all"?

    Maybe it's better tax breaks, maybe some sort of an reparation stipend ala the Natives. Honestly I don't care how they figure it out, but I'm tired of it all. Buncha bullshit that a bank makes bad decisions and gets our money. Yet continue to be the same evil they always have been. While a working class stiff like myself has to send his overtime to the government because he doesn't have 5 kids.

    Rant over. Time to smokah da tokah.
  2. sounds great

    Who should we rob first?

    I guess stealing isn't wrong anymore

    You gonna volunteer your money first op?

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    My money already gets stolen blade.

    In fact any job in this country that isn't either illegal, gets a percentage of their money stolen from them each year. Its called taxes, and they're as reliable to people and civilization as Death is. You can always withold your taxes, but the IRS will just buttfuck you after doing that for years.

    Best part is your company doesn't even have to pay the taxes immediately, they can withold it for like 3 months in a bank and reap interest benefits.

    Besides who said anything about stealing, I say send some of that millions of printed money over to us instead of a Big Bank, or a fancy new Drone. Is that too much to ask?

  4. lol

  5. I'm on board with that. For up the money printing machine and male us all millionaires. What could possibly go wrong?

    oh, that's right, it only works for the royal class.
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    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="yurigadaisukida" data-cid="21902493" data-time="1438758651">lol



    I also think its humorous the way the world works.
    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="JohnnyWeedSeed" data-cid="21902769" data-time="1438776474">I'm on board with that. For up the money printing machine and male us all millionaires. What could possibly go wrong?

    oh, that's right, it only works for the royal class.


    Eh, doesn't have to be millions per person. Just send some of that money back to the people.Forgo a couple battle cruisers, take some of that Federal Reserve wealth from banks, and send it back to us.The most hilarious part is if you do a public bailout, a majority of that money is most likely going into banks...EDIT: Unfortunately for your Ford quote, they can already take everything away, and they don't have to give us shit! Isn't America grand?
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    Maybe instead of demanding more shity money we should demand less better money......nominal vs real wealth check it out ;). Id rather have 1000 bucks that buys what I need than a million that won't.
  8. Sounds a lot like the Basic Income idea that's been kicked around for hundreds of years. It's been implented in different ways on a small scale for studies in the US over a couple decades. Those studies all seemed quite promising in that they nearly eradicated poverty along with causing health, education, and over all wellbeing going up.

    Read in a few proposed studies that the cost of a Basic Income could be supplimented by getting rid of a few welfare programs that we implement today. And I'm almost sure a small chunk of our defense budget would cover the program.

    I think Switzerland had a ton of signatures to enact a Basic Income for its citizens and it's looking likely to happen possibly next year if it gets voted. They'll probably be a good pilot to see if it works on a large scale.

    I'll have to reread those studies and get my facts straightened out so I can be more informative. Seems like something that's too good to be true as most people's mindset is that no one should get anything for free, especially in the US.
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    Well that's nice, I was thinking more of a bailout for the people type of thing like with the Big Banks/Corporations. Just cancel some Drones, pork barrel spending, I mean is it really that difficult. We build Aircraft Carriers worth millions of dollars when Americans are starving in the streets.

    I work hard and am proud of it, and I don' t think I deserve a regular wage from the government for doing nothing. But a little help when things are bad and the people need support, instead of giving it to: GM/Chrysler, Boeing, Lehman Brothers, Obama's buddies in the Solar Industry, would be awesome.

    I think this country could do a lot better, but we let the rich control everything. Truly frustrating, and while I'd rather go the Libertarian-Anarcho-Capitalist route(Huge RP fan on top of all that) Its just not realistic in this world, and it requires a reset of the entire system down to an individual level, which could happen by 2030, so maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.

  10. The parasites, I mean politicians, and their butt buddies wouldn't make any money that way so they have no interest. The parasites give not a single shit about the people, especially the poor.
  11. The sooner we realize where just slaves living in a system that is designed to control you, the sooner you can realize that you cant get ahead without luck, theft or being born rich.

    All of our world leaders, politicians have given up on morality and have heavily reaped the rewards. So give up on your morals, think of other ways to get ahead and succeed!

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    I think they'd get more votes, which would mean more terms as congressmen, which means more money. See: Welfare, Obamacare, etc. Money=Votes=Money, its a continuous loop.

    But you're probably right, I mean why help joe schmoe when I can get a new Chevy Silverado from the Car lobby? Or more kickbacks from weapon manufacturers?

    I know this already. I'm just trying to live better within the system. This isn't the Matrix, I can't just unplug to fight the robots.

    This system has been around since America became a country. It was founded on the principles that some people, particularly rich white people, have more rights then other people. Well its almost the tricentennial and while things are a bit better, its more facade then truth.

  13. create a secondary currency that can only be used to buy products tht are made domestically. give everyone 1000 of these secondary dollars every month and watch your economy grow
  14. People should try growing their own food to see for themselves what the real cost of food is

    I've been gardening for years and I can tell you unless you own cheap property with good land and natural rainfall, your time is better spent at a minimum wage job and then buy the food.

  15. Didnt say fight robots, but I hear weed sells.
  16. It gets tiring trying to educate the "useful idiots," doesn't it? :(

  17. What good does it do to call someone an idiot when they're trying to think outside of the box? This division is part of what keeps us down. It prevents us from elevating one another.

    Think about the difference between us and them. They aren't smarter, the don't work harder, they certainly don't outnumber us. The only difference between us and them is that they are unified by their goal and ideology. That they have what they have because they can take it from us.
  18. socialism isn't outside the box thinking

    Its very much mainstream

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    You know, if you want to educate people, you shouldn't insult them. Then they won't listen to anything you have to say.

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    I like to bring up the "against me" argument. For you socialists out there in favor of entitlements and "free money". That money has to come from somewhere also known as the people who actually work and produces it.

    Would you socialists ever feel so bad for the poor that you yourself would personally ever come to my door put a gun to my head and tell me that I need to give a certain amount of money to you so that you can give it to the poor? I'm guessing the vast majority would say no. But as soon as you get a group of people together who agree with you you would have no problem sending them to my door with a gun to my head and if I do not comply they put a bullet between my eyes. That is socialism

    You get to remove yourself from all personal responsibility while letting another group of people do your dirty work for you to achieve your ideologies and because enough people said it's okay that means its legal and there can be no repercussions for anyone involved. Yeah really great system

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