Why not just fill the bucket?

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  1. So I got a gh power grower in and I drilled the grow chamber and added a air stone to the rez. I transfered a small plant into the hydroton. My question is why wait for the roots to grow past the grow chamber and into the rez? Why not just fill the bucket till the aerated water touches the roots?
  3. I just did that, but hand watered for a couple days.
    Works great
  4. Cool I'm gonna do that. Everyone says the roots really take off when they hit the water so why not just put the very bottom of the roots in water right. As a experiment I made a makeshift milk jug dwc. I cut a gallon jug in half and out a air stone and water in the bottom half. Got a flat piece of plastic to cover it with a hole in the middle that fits the top of a water bottle cut off. That holds the plant with hydroton and the roots go through where the mouthpiece is right into the aerated water in the jug
  5. Keep us posted.
    This is a nice simplifying way to germinate.
  6. The power grower is the same as a waterfarm, just a different shape.. If you're not using the drip ring 24/7, it's just a bubble bucket.. The drip ring is there for a reason.. This is what's possible with a WF when used correctly..
    General hydroponic waterfarm
  7. I have the drip ring going. I was just curious as to why not just touch the roots with the water to start. Instead of waiting for the roots to grow down
  8. If the roots don't grow into and fill the hydroton , you lose the atvantage those roots contribute to the grow, google the Scottyballs thread I listed.. It's the best thread I've seen on running this type of system.. The first 14 pages of that thread tells you all you'll ever need to know..
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  9. The reason I got the power grower vs the waterfarm is it's slightly larger grow and rez space. And I can buy the complete kit with nutes and hydroton for $49 shipped two day delivery. It seemed like a really good deal.
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  10. Wasn't questioning you choice, waterfarm or power grower, it's the same type of system. I happen to use WFs, so can only comment on what I use.. But seems to me, it's like comparing apples to apples.. Just pointing out that filling the hydroton with roots has it's advantages..
  11. I was just saying lol
  12. If the water level touches the hydroton or if the bubbles bursting and the water splash up onto the hydroton you run the risk of drowning your roots with too much moisture. There are a few other factors to consider but that’s the simple problem I see with raising the water level to the bottom of your net pot.
  13. Don't think roots that are seeking the reservoir fluid, and then bathe in it, will be harmed by encountering it a bit earlier in the hydroton.
    I've had wet hydroton plus sprouts in a top feed without problems.
  14. Drowning your Roots ,, how is that possible ????
    Water without oxygen ,, but that isn't drowning your roots , actual there is no such thing as drowning the roots or over watering ……...
    Its more like you didn't have enough circulation or proper drainage .

    Here is the issue when all the roots are out of the water is if you have anykind of pump issue your plants dies extremely fast , if the roots are in the water but doesn't have enough oxygen the plant will die slower giving the grower a little time to see there is a issue developing .
  15. Ok guys here is a update. I put my biggest plant in the power grower and then made a little homemade dwc for a little seedling I had. The big plant died... I transfered the seedling into the power grower, got another power grower and out a seedling in it also. As of today... The seedling I put in the first power grower got splashed with water a bunch and got burned. I fixed the splashing and it's still growing faster than the other. The other seedling seems to be struggling if not dying. I started another seedling in the mini dwc I made. I still have a few seedling in soil I started at the same time. What I realized is that I suck at this and I think I'm trying to run before I can walk. So at this point I can't even get a plant to sprout it's first 5 leaf flowers without having problems. It's a mess
  16. @Denverdave86 After looking at the GH Power Grower setup, it seems like not having enough dissolved oxygen would most likely not be the issue. What are your res temps, PH, and TDS?

    I think you are confusing "drowning" with "asphyxiation" or "suffocation".
    Definition of drown
    intransitive verb
    : to become drownedfell in the river and drowned chicken drowning in barbecue sauce drowning in paperwork
    transitive verb
    1a: to suffocate by submersion especially in water
    b: to submerge especially by a rise in the water level villages drowned by the flooding river
    c: to soak, drench, or cover with a liquid drowns her French fries in ketchup

    Definition of asphyxiation
    : deprivation of oxygen that can result in unconsciousness and often death​

    I'm not entirely sure of the point you are trying to make here. Are you saying its better to run a DWC hydroponic setup vs an Aeroponic setup, due to the fact that if one malfunctions you have time to fix it? You are describing two different root problems. Plant roots exposed to air that has low RH will begin to dessicate (Dry out) and die quickly. Plant roots left in water without sufficient dissolved oxygen will suffocate and die, but YES at a slower rate.

    Besides inaccurately critiquing my post, you don't offer the OP any helpful suggestions or insight.
  17. I have air stones in it
  18. I am saying when the plants ( indoor )
    Get to a certain size and if the grow temp runs in hi 70s low 80's the plant will use allot of water

    Mine have used up to 6 to 8 gallons a day and the average is 4 gallons per day.

    Drowning your plants
    Well tell me when to much water will drown your plants?
    20190424_083856.jpg 20190601_103207.jpg
  19. Oh. Nah I figured the problems out. The plant in the power grower is doing great. Got splashed with nute water but it's doing fine now. The soil plants look good. The one I moved into the home made dwc isn't doing well but I'm pretty sure it's because of how I had it before transplant. As of right now I'm maintaining water levels everything is looking good. Just gonna see where it goes.
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  20. Something I have been trying to get everyone to understand is the plants can use allot if water on hot days .
    If you have a small reservoir like 30 gallons for 3 plants in a rdwc system you can run the reservoir low in a day in a half .
    Its always forgiving if you have a pump or bubbler issue if some of the plants roots are in water 24/7.
    I leave town for 3 to 5 says at one stretch .
    With small reservoirs I would need someone taking care of my plants every day.

    Plus every rdwc system I have in operation is backed by another system .
    I have a 350gph pond pump and a commercial fish tank compressor with two hoses/bubbliers per system.
    If I have a power outage I have medical grade co mlm press oxygen tanks to aerate my rdwc system .
    My point is I cover ever possible failure that most likely will happen.
    No one wants to loose their crop just because they had to go out of town for 3 days or the have pump or compressor failure.
    Or have a 24 hr power outage ..
    My opinion is larger rdwc reservoirs give the owner operator a cushion in when you need to add water .

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