WHy not just call the universe God?

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  1. By universe I mean all that exists not just one universe in a conglomerate of other universes...I mean All...

    Ok...so why not call the All or the universe God?
    1.)It is omnipresent... in that being all it is of coarse in all places...

    2.)Considering all that can be done is done with in it it is effectively All-powerfull
    (which does not necessarily mean "can do anything" as anything is a set containing bot powers and non-powers and is a self contradictory definition of all-powerfull) (in otherwords the univers can do all things that can be done and a thing that can be done is a power...)

    3.)Technically anything that exists within it is a result of its interior interactions and thus can be said to have been created by it... so it is our creator...

    5.) It is probably infinite...

    4.)The questionable one is wehather it is omniscient... which I guess you could say... as within the all is all knowledge that exists... I would think... If it is truely infinite then it is almost definite that there is an infinite amount of life within it thought it may be here and there and very distant such that we might never find another living life form... but then I would imagine that all knowledge that can be known would be known by some alien race though maybe not all being known by any one just each having parts... But regardless of that you can have that in that it is all then it effectively is all that can be known... so in a sense it contains all knowledge...of course this does not meant it is conscious or thinks in any way that we humans do especially...

    And regardless of whether or not all these descriptions fit it would seem enough do and the ones that don't are otherwise unfitable to any other existent thing and as such given the most reasonable and possible definition of an ultimate God the universe or the All seems it is the most fitting...
  2. as long as we're all talking about the same thing, it doesn't matter what you call it. but when you start adding things on your own, then it matters. so if all of a sudden "god" has powers that aren't evident, then we don't agree on what we're even talking about anymore.
  3. Considering such a understanding of God can any of the many theistic religions be better understood?
  4. Same Energy that infuses Everything
  5. why dont we call the universe god? because its just a bunch of matter from what we can currently tell. and the word "god" implies supernatural abilities and and consciousness, and i dont see evidence for either. also while im at it ill say i dont think all energy is interconnected or any of that fucking nonsense, like "We are all god" just sounds fucking stupid to me
  6. Why not just call 'God' the 'Universe'?
  7. Moses, "What should we call you?"

    God, "I am that I am."
  8. Because the word GOD is already associated with a conscious creator of all things, while the word UNIVERSE is associated with the empty space our planet is floating in.

    Why confuse the poor christians even more?

  9. yes all my auditory hallucinations tend to be extremely repetitive.... :eek:;):smoke:

    the only reason people look for new things (or old things) to call this "god" is because they want to believe in something!!!!

    they feel there is something worth believing in!!!!!

    but have an impossible time accepting that what has been called god for so long is anything like an accurate representation of what is out there.....

    humans with a mind to think..... who find themselves feeling there is something more.......still dont find it in the nonsense that is modern religion......
    and all the things modern religions tend to call "god" feel more like senseless distractions......
    symbols for the masses to blindly follow.....

    when you feel there is more.....
    and you know that what they have isnt it......

    you learn look for it any place it mite be found.....

    and eventually ......maybe.....you realize that what it is called holds no meaning other then what you attach to it....
    in the end ...it doesnt require definitions.....or boundaries....
    these are the things that make it less believable...
    these are distractions...
  10. Because we already call it something. Don't give it nicknames.
  11. What makes you think matter is not supernatural...or magical in istelf? Further the definition of god does not necessarily include supernaturality...
  12. Perhaps thinking of it in such a matter alows for alternative considerations of how it works...for example what if the universe (being deeply more complex an interactive then our own brains and containing our brains to boot) what if it does think?
  13. The word universe is associated with all things (including the planet not just what it is floating in) and in Latin actually means All, i believe...

    In fact if god exists then what ever god exists in is a part of the all or the everything... in order to be the greatest thing god must be everything as otherwise god is just a part of everything...and thus less then something...

    And in most religious texts that say anything about God say that god is omniscient... they do not say that god is conscious...there is a difference...
  14. I'll just leave this here:


  15. This. G-d had already told His people what His Name Is. In Hebrew it is "Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh" which can be translated in the following ways: "I Am That I Am," "I Will Be What I Shall Be," "I Will Be Where I Will Be." The various translations arise from the qal imperfect form of the verb hayah (I will be) which is notoriously difficult to use in Hebrew. So difficult that we don't really use it much anymore, except in liturgy.

    The fact that this single verse can be translated in so many ways is what spurred the medieval Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Luria to formulate his doctrine of "Ein Sof," the "Endless/Infinite" essence of G-d, which can be called, colloquially, the "universe."

    So what you propose, OP, is already a part of Judaism. People just have this incredible stigma about the word G-d and refuse to take the time to learn what you mean by it.

  16. Can you blame any atheist for the stigma surrounding the word God?

    If you just refer to the universe as god, when you bring it up you're going to be misleading people. They're going to think you're referring to a conscious supernatural presence.

    That's why there is such an insistence on separation.

    Maybe it's creationists who have the stigma about calling "god" the universe. :rolleyes:
  17. 1god
    noun \ˈgäd also ˈgȯd\
    Definition of GOD
    capitalized : the supreme or ultimate reality: as a : the Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped as creator and ruler of the universe b Christian Science : the incorporeal divine Principle ruling over all as eternal Spirit : infinite Mind
    : a being or object believed to have more than natural attributes and powers and to require human worship; specifically : one controlling a particular aspect or part of reality
    : a person or thing of supreme value
    : a powerful ruler
  18. How can something be beyond nature if it exists is not all existence nature...
    otherwise perhaps we should be asking what is "nature"?


    noun \ˈnā-chər\

    Definition of NATURE

    a : the inherent character or basic constitution of a person or thing : essence b : disposition, temperament

    a : a creative and controlling force in the universe b : an inner force or the sum of such forces in an individual

    : a kind or class usually distinguished by fundamental or essential characteristics <documents of a confidential nature> <acts of a ceremonial nature>

    : the physical constitution or drives of an organism; especially : an excretory organ or function -used in phrases like the call of nature

    : a spontaneous attitude (as of generosity)

    : the external world in its entirety

    a : humankind's original or natural condition b : a simplified mode of life resembling this condition

    : the genetically controlled qualities of an organism

    : natural scenery


    according to 6 if god is beyond god external then supernatural would seem to be a contradiction... how can something be beyond that which is everything that is external..unless it is that which is within...perhaps?
  19. Maybe I am that I am can be translated as implying that god is that which is of all the things that are things that can say I am...perhaps the collective unconscious/subconcious?
  20. indeed...

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