Why Not Give All The Potheads Their Own State? Good Idea Or Not?

Discussion in 'General' started by JoeVullion13254, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. They should give us Hawaii 😎
  2. i think that if i was choosing a place to live out my days, being able to smoke weed legally wouldn't even make the top ten in my priorities list.  and i really love smoking weed.
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    You're just really baked. That really doesn't make any sense were not giving up on the weed war until its legal nationwide.
    We've gotta finish what we started  :bongin:
  4. Damn why don't we all move to North Korea :rolleyes:
  5. Hawaii is an island chain where all islands are volcanoes. im too high for that.
  6. Segregation is never the answer.
  7. North Korea? This is new to me lol
  8. We can use lava to light our blunts.  Yum
    we can all just surf away from the lava :smoke:  :smoke:
  10. What happened to the Netherlands??? This map a month ago had it shaded in dark blue where its legal! Now its dropped down to light blue where its just decriminalized. did the law change or what? 
  11. I'm not leaving Ireland. No other country could deal with my shenanigans. 
    Hell no, I won't go.
  12. whats the year round climate like in N. Korea? i cant do snow. been in Houston for too long.
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    your post turned into an ad. you win.
  14. Thailand would be pure heaven if they(and all of asia) weren't so damn strict against marijuana...
    They have no problems with people traveling for sex but hang people for growing a plant.
  15. Cali should be essentially legal lol..
    If you want to smoke marijuana you can easily get a card..and the ones who don't have cards still get top quality because of all the growers(why you think they don't want it legal?). Not to mention smoking it in public is pretty tolerable...besides the fact some cities re shutting down dispensaries Cali is pretty much legal.
    Just stay the fuck out of South Korea.
    They spot check people at clubs randomely (hair and piss tests) and if you are caught you are fucked.
  17. Na, it's just another way to show corruption in this world. We got enough corruption as it is and we don't need more corruption by saying "smokers move here and non smokers you can't live here" kind of deal. It's pointless and makes society look even stupider than they are.
    Here's the solution. Say fuck the government and spread it to everyone that the messages they're giving us are false and nothing but propaganda and just legalize the shit already. The world would be such a better place if we didn't have bullshit laws we gotta abide by saying we can't smoke. Who are you to tell me what I can and can't smoke, it's my body, and I shall do what I want with it, right? No politician in a suit and tie is gonna tell me otherwise. 
    On another note, what if I wanna live wherever I want? See the corruption already?
  18. Sounds good in theory but I'd imagine it would be populated by crack heads.

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