Why Not Give All The Potheads Their Own State? Good Idea Or Not?

Discussion in 'General' started by JoeVullion13254, Jun 6, 2013.

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    I got an idea. How about we carve out an area that makes marijuana legal and let all the potheads move there. It will be the only safe haven where those who enjoy smoking pot can live and its perfectly legal for them to do so. A state where Its legal to smoke pot, its legal to grow pot, its legal to buy pot, and all the rest. All the oppressed potheads around the world could move there and smoke their pot in peace without having to worry about the government violating their rights or locking them up. 
    It will be like the Jewish equivalent of israel and this may be necessary cause theres no where for potheads to go. Marijuana is illegal in every single country on earth and potheads cant just go to mars or the moon. So they need their own state since they cant exist anywhere just like the Jews couldnt exist anywhere before Israel was created. And all the people who dont smoke pot, dont like pot, and dont care about pot could live anywhere outside this new state where marijuana is illegal and criminalized. 

    What do you think of this solution? If this isnt a good solution, then tell that to all the drug warriors who want you treated like jews in nazi germany. Those who want to smoke pot need a place to live where theyre not persecuted.
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    Um no. I'm going to live wherever the fuck I want.
    And marijuana isn't illegal in every country on earth...
  3. name ONE country where marijuana is legal?
  4. Netherlands.
    North Korea.
  5. uhmm, no?
    too fuckin' much man.
    :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:
    Well first off thats not true. And second, did you just compare stoners to the jewish community
    Please tell me your a stoned 15 year old. 
  6. USA

    to some degree.
  7. And if you ever even read Exodus, you'd know that the Jews lived other places than Isreal. Like Egypt, Germany, Any where else in Europe. In the U.S., some probably in South America, China, Russia, Mars, Pluto, None on Jupiter they're not too friend to them (not at all like Nazi Germany though), oh yea, and also, JEWS LIVE IN HEAVEN.
  8. To my knowledge and what I have heard there is no country where it is completely legal.. the Netherlands even made their marijuana laws more strict.
  9. So what you want is basically Colorado then? :p 
  10. Nah, son...You can't just be comin' up on my block and givin' shit away for free.
    I gots diamonds and Nike's to buy and shit. :cool:
  11. Sounds like it to me, just stay away from federal officers, which really isn't that hard.
  12. Let's move to Puerto Rico and demand to be the 51st state. Write the state constitution on hemp. That's old school shit right there. Like colonial shit.
  13. it would have to be an island so its not connected to a major land mass that would try to claim you as their own. nah, see... you gotta build an island like the fucking Prince of Dubai.
  14. Duder, we need an island. :smoking:
  15. You do realise you will be invaded by America if you even try that right?
  16. I think he meant fully legal. Those country's pot is somewhat legal
  17. Name it Greenland and tell Greenland to change their name.
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    I like where this is going.

    Insert image.

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