Why not acrylic?

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  1. I see multiple posts heaping accolades on glass bongs because of their smoothness and fashionability. Is there a true health reason of why an acrylic bong is bad? (Of course I know smoking anything is bad) I smoke exclusively alone and not very much at a time because I am a medical card toker so I wouldn't really get a bong real hot. So, is acrylic bad?
  2. No, they're not bad, but just shitty. Smoke a real bong and you'll see why in .1 seconds
  3. this is very true
  4. Smoke blunts instead. Lol;
    But i hear that acrylic is just a plain...

    But idk i dont smoke bongs regularly
  5. dude i got my first real bong in sept. it was acrylic and in jan. i got my glass bong and man i would never. i repeat NEVER buy another acrylic/metal bong again. man glass is sooo much better imo
  6. acrylic is fine dude if you want a cheap bong that's not going to break
  7. Yeah dude my friend has a nice little 18" acrylic bong. Works fine. Hits are really smooth and it has a carb so you can keep hittin that shit.

    But glass is still probably the best:bongin:
  8. yah, if you smoke out of glass you will note the quality of the hit. Acrylic typicly absorb resin more quickly due to pores and will smell worse, and using iso and othe solvents can break them pretty easily if your not careful, why not buy a bubbler? or perhaps a small glass bong? Small glass bongs can be found with pretty thick glass and hit like kimbo slice smokin pcp
  9. I only smoke 1-2 hits at a time as I am a medical user & not seeking the "ultimate stone", I just want a less lung damaging hit. So then would a small glass bong be smoother than a spoon? I actually found a really nice spoon & it works well, but it is a tad harsh.

    I remember acrylic can't handle alcohol cleanings. Back in the day, 30+ years ago, I had a nice acrylic bong and watched in horror as I attempted to clean it with alcohol and it cracked all to shit. That was back in my "recreational" days.
  10. You can pickup a nice glass piece for under a hundred right now on BFG, the wicked sands tiny tube plain jane is 95 shipped.
  11. How much are you looking to spend?
  12. same thing happened to me, back in high school I had a nice glow in the dark graffix bong with a ceramic jester skull base thats eyes lit up red with a push of a button. one day I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and salt and it just started cracking all over. so how the hell are you supposed to clean those things without them cracking?
  13. looking to spend as least as possible...I could stand to part w/ $20.00.
  14. I have a pos acrylic, i take it camping and to outdoor parties. It picked it up when i was young, my first bong so i didn't know any better but you live and learn.

    cost me $25 8 years ago hehe

  15. hmmmmmmmmmm so mega budget :/ I'd say just get one of those little glass zongz should be able to find one for 20
  16. I know the bong budget isn't huge but because of my disability I can't work as much as I would like to so I have to be selective on how my $ is spent. Thank you for the recommendation of a zongz, I will look that up.
  17. Acrylic bongs are undesirable mainly because of the inability to clean them.
  18. I'm not sure if anyone has said that but you sound like someone who could benefit from using a vape, if you don't already have one. No adverse health affects and the hits are smooth.
  19. Nothing wrong with an acrylic IMO. For the price, you get water filtration, and something you can milk like a champ. Glass is way better overall, but for the price, I see no reason not to buy an acrylic bong.

    I lost my bud virginity on an acrylic bong. It was a Graffix bong with a Big Bird base. I have tracked down the Big Bird base on eBay, and am going to resurrect my weed virginity bong soon for old times sake. Pics will def be up!
  20. i dont think theres anything wrong just glass hits so much smoother. after owning glass bongs i dont think i could go back and buy an acrylic again. but if thats all one can afford do it up!

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