why my plant is not growing? (9 days)

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  1. Hello Guys here I have my first grow (Royal dwarf auto-feminized) it's 9 days old but it doesn't seem to grow! so can you please check it and tell me what's wrong?
    \nLights used LED red and blue (3W)


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  2. The light needs to be closer.  It's stretching too much.
  3. I put it close like 2-3 inches away since day 5 cause I thought the same but still it's not growing!
  4. My plant stretched at he beginning even though the lights were close but not as much as yours.  I gave it some time and added dirt around the plant for support.  
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    You definitely don't have enough lights if its stretching that much. I'm growing Sensi Seeds Northern Lights Auto it started showing pre-flowers at day 13. My lights are four 10W CFLs (2x2700, 2x6500); mostly the plant stays about 1 inch away from the lights.
    With the kind of stretch you have, I would tie it down LST style then bring your LED like 1 inch or closer.
  6. Not nearly enough light, I've gotten better results from a single 23w CFL.
  7. so you think it will grow and I should be patientgive it some time or the 3w LEDs are a waste?
  8. so I should change the lamp?
  9. soil can't be an issue? cause I used the universal soil for all plants....
  10. What kinda soil? What kinda LEDs?
  11. Cute response =P
  12. It may say universal soil but that doesn't mean anything. Different plants require different things.
  13. I got 1 at home that just broke soil a week ago I'll get a pick when I get home. Its shorter with a beefier stem and way larger leaves. Its been under a 60 actual watt cfl.
  14. Sorry its under a 40 actual watt cfl not 60. I have a 400 watt mh/hps but its in use and not necessary for only 1 plant experiment. Its just over 3 inches tall. Broke soil on the 9th so its 1week old today. It sprouted with the 1 goofy leaf.

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  15. The cfl is ruffly 2 inches away at most since it popped
  16. 3w LEDs? is that total watts or per diode?
  17. Per diode
  18. what light is it? brand? model? is it one of those non-brand lights off aliexpress or some other chinese wholesale site? Your plant is stretching. This can only mean one thing, your light is simply inadequate.
  19. You're not gonna grow anything with 3 watts but if it's per diode how many watts total.? As said above you don't have enough light. If it won't grow a seedling it certainly won't grow a full size plant.

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