Why my leaves look so weird

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Nolanative, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. One of my plants seem to be going thru something leaves r growing real small and the one that do grow big are weird
    any ideas

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  2. Could be stressed, that part isn't getting enough light or not enough air circulation.
  3. I'm running the ballast at 50% should I turn up to 100% or super lumens and the ppm of my res is 787 should I add more nutrients
  4. Maybe add a little CalMag, but doesn't look like its starving. What are your temps? If you can keep air circulating and the plants cool give them as much light as possible at this point.
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  5. It's the type of strain unless two different strains are producing this but honestly I think it's pretty cool and will do no harm at all unless they color or feeling is off. They look nice and green tho good job!!!!
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  6. Ballast shud be on 100% change asap but need good airflow def cuz it will produce a LOT of heat
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  7. Pretty much room temperature house thermostat stays on 70 box fan helps, venting heat thru unzipped part of tent when light is on ventfan working progress $
  8. I'm going to give test run last time they fell over it was too hot but since then minor changes may help avoid I hope
  9. the shape and size of the leaves in the plant will be different throughout the plant so some irregularities are to be expected
  10. You answered your own question...should have properly fixed this before...if your trying to save money your doing it wrong

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