why my leafs got brown tips?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by superbeastly, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. it was just transplated to this pot. why does it look like this i got 2 cfls over it right now is that too much

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  2. bump.please help !
  3. was it like that in the old pot/cup? id say just wait and see if it gets better if not, post us with another photo later.
  4. help pleeeeeez!
  5. You aren't really giving out enough info for anyone to guess...so I will ask questions.
    What exactly is it growing in, brand, type and what is it amended with? What is the temp in the growing area? What is the ph of the water you are watering it with?
  6. compost cow poo and perlite ph is 6
  7. temp is room temp
  8. whatcha think?
  9. ph is too low. Needs to be higher, try 6.5
  10. k how can i raise it
  11. I think I would give them some water with a ph of like 7 or so for a couple of waterings, then stick to 6.5 for all the rest to follow. Should help.
  12. ight just in case what would be ur second guess and when should i start the fox farms nutes
  13. But the ph being too low is the problem with your seedling...so no other guesses. You feed a plant when you have a few sets of broadleaves/fan leaves, hanging out from the stem, in a few weeks.
  14. I just feel as though they are not getting enough... And the temp is so hot probably. You need more aeration with perlite.

    It's browning on the top so.. It's def just not getting enough to the leaves.

    Lower temps to 75. Mix in perlite with your soil.

    When your seedling is 3 weeks feed it. Good luck bro
  15. When the 3rd set of leaves are compete you feed
  16. temp is super cool

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