Why my baby's looking sad?

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  1. Hey all
    My baby's are 14 days old
    I noticed that today they looking pretty sad.
    What can it be? And of curse how to solve it out?

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  2. How often do you water her? The coco looks a bit dry.
  3. Its not pure coco its mix of 5 different things

    I water it every 48-72 hours
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    The plant itself looks healthy. So it's either under-watered or your lights may be too close to the tops. What are the room temps and how high above them do you have the lights?

    I see you had already started a similar thread asking the same question concerning lights lol.
  5. Thank for your great answers
    1. So yesterday i i g my Lux meter so i measure the lights take them up a little and make the plants more room between the lights to the planets
    2. Yesterday i transfer them from 1 gallons pots to 5 Gallon pots
    3. After the transfer i water them with 1L water
    *This photo's from now let me know what you think, look good to me no?

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  6. Much, much better. Good move on your part to raise them up a bit. If you compare the pics from before and now notice the top leaves were starting to cup upwards at the very edges? Now they look nice and flat. That's how they're suppose to look. :thumbsup:
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  7. Yea mate im absolutely happy, 1 plant look pretty good, the other need a bit more time i i think.
    You have an Idea why it happen? To avoid this next time
  8. Since you mentioned that you just got your new lights, you may not have been familiar with the proper light distance. Usually we play around with the height of new lights. Some are more intense than others. So it's always a good idea to place new lights at a good distance away from the canopy and then monitor the leaves throughout the day to see their reaction. If the leaves start to cup the way yours did or begin to turn away from the light, then obviously it's too close. So you raise them a couple of inches at a time until the leaves are nice and flat the way yours look now. However, if the leaves start to reach up toward the light, then it means they need more light. So you then lower them an inch at a time and monitor them throughout the day again until they aren't reaching up for it, but rather are nice and flat again.
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  9. What is the recommend high from the planets?
    1 meter? Because i got a dimmer i can play with the lights, more high or low
  10. It varies from light to light. If the manufacturer has a recommended height, go with the highest one they recommend and go from there. Then go through the same routine as I mentioned above. Good luck. :thumbsup:
  11. This photos are from now,
    Its look like 1 plant cannot recover yet..
    Maybe in the next few days i will water only with cal/mag? No nutrients only cal mag till they recover.

    *Photo 102 is tge plant that recovery good

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  12. I don't see any calcium or magnesium deficiencies going on, so I'm not sure adding Cal-Mag will do any good. Going back to the under-watering, you said you water every 48-72 hours, but how much do you water and do you water until runoff or you just water the top-most part of the soil? They look old enough to have established a pretty good root system. Meaning that the roots should be deeper into the soil by now, so watering only the top of the soil isn't helping. You need to water enough so the water reaches the bottom-most roots as well. Again, I could be wrong, but that's what I'm guessing is happening here.
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  13. So what you recommend for now bro?
    What you think is the right way
  14. Well, a couple of good ways to know when to water is to first wait until the top of the soil feels dry by stick your finger into the soil, up to the first knuckle, and see if it feels dry. If so, you water until you see at least 20% extra runoff water drain out the bottom of your pot. The other method growers use is to simply lift the pot after you water to get a good idea how much it actually weights after watering. Then later on when you "think" it needs watering, lift the pot again and feel how light it is and decide if they need watering again. This article here can help you better understand watering practices for different mediums.
  15. So you recommend when it dry again just to water it good and maybe it will help her to recover
  16. I've seen cases of under-watering looking just like your plants and as soon as they watered them properly, by the end of the day they perked right back up. That's what I think is going on here because I can't think of anything else because I don't see any deficiencies. The heat is fine, the light distance is fine, so that's the only thing I can think of.
  17. Thanks man, so i a bit more relaxed now because i see she keeps growing, today i give her 1gallon of water and see if there is some changes
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  18. You're welcome. :thumbsup:
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  19. She just want to say hello

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