why must they nag...

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  1. my mom is one of the most annoying people on this planet. i try to not get irritated but her nagging never fails. its just so annoying. im the only one who does shit around here besides her...

    i do love her and i never would hurt her but man...

    sorry about the rant.:eek:
  2. not much of a rant, but yeah i hate my parents, never talk to them. sad and im sure ill get flamed but whatever.
  3. No as long as you have your reasons. You would know them better than us.
  4. yea man i wish it is was like that but they won't do shit for me if don't talk to them.
  5. parents nag, thats the end of it,

    theres nothing you can do about, they will ALWAYS nag
  6. Parents who nag are parents who cannot communicate well.
  7. My parents know that if they nag me I won't chat to them, my mum loves to be a pessimist and I hate pessimists, so when she says anything negative i say shut it :)
  8. Yup. My parents never nagged. They did put a heck of a lot of responsibility on me and expect me to handle it, but luckily it all worked out with only minor injuries;)
  9. yeah my mom always nags, do this do that. and always worrying about shit that doesnt even matter, i tell her she's got 'only child syndrome' because i'm an only child.
  10. yea man alllllwaays sweating the small stuff
  11. I was never nagged. I was pretty much allowed what I wanted.
    Personally, I kinda wish my parents had been more strict than they were. Because I do see myself as a loser, and I know that part of why I have no motivation in life is because of how much freedom I was given while growing up.
    With that being said, I'd like to point out that I do not blame my parents at all for my own irresponsibilities. I just kinda wish they would have done a bit more to keep me in line.
  12. Word, my mah fuckin pisses me off. Can't stand it. I tried to tell her what she was doin too, and her response was move out. Dam I guess that's the only choice I get. Man I hate bein broke.
  13. I hear ya OP. My mom constantly gets on me about such insignificant shit....it crazy! It like the same story every two days.... Save money, pay bills, stay outa trouble, take care of your dog, and "you need to get your life straightened out".... i love that one cuz she thinks i can fix everything in ONE day... I am just glad i am not the only one!
  14. If it's not your parents, it's your grandparents. I swear my grandmother's only goal in life was to nag me to death. I was like, "FFFFFFUUUUUUU" all through my childhood, plus she would constantly yell commands when I'm standing a foot away from her.

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