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Why mix TOBACCO with WEED for joints?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Grandma Gudenhi, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. I've discovered that people in England always mix tobacco with pot when rolling joints. Apparently they feel joints won't burn right w/o tobacco in them.
    Having been smoking tobaccoless joints for almost forty years, this has gotten me very curious. Is pot somehow different in England? Too dry, cured differently, to wet, what? What makes it not burn in a joint unless tobacco is there?
    Do most other countries also use tobacco in their joints? Do you add tobacco when it's smoked in other ways?
    What's your knowledge/opinion on this?
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    We used to have a hash culture in England, 20-30 years ago the weed wasn't very strong, so we mostly just smoked hash, and so a spliff was tobacco + hash. Now the tobacco part remains strong even though we switched over to bud rather than hash.

    I have to say though, for sharing, a spliff with tobacco > a joint by far. If I'm smoking on my own though I roll pure or just use my pipe.

    Tobacco "spliffs" burn slower than joints, more evenly, and waste a little less herb than a joint, the trade-off is that if you don't normally smoke cigs then you're still smoking tobacco from spliffs. I have to say though, tobacco complements the taste and the high in a nice way, the "skunk" strains (Skunk #1 and Cheese) also go really well with tobacco, and as they're the most popular strains in the UK, this could be another reason for people still using tobacco in joints.

    Imo, from most pleasant to worst, these are the methods of smoking (I didn't include blunts since no-one really smokes them in the UK, well, not often anyway):
    Pure joint > Bong > Spliff (tobacco/weed mix) > Pipe

    However, in order of efficiency:
    Pipe > Bong > Spliff > Pure joint

    So if you're having a joint and you want to conserve weed, a spliff is a good choice. Same goes for if you're sharing. However, spliffs aren't good for your lungs, some people don't like the taste, and they're still more wasteful than a bong or pipe.
  3. i really don't believe a spliff is any better than a normal joint with all weed. I kind of think it taints the weed too. I would far and away prefer smoking a joint with all weed than a spliff with mixed weed and tobacco. But don't get me wrong I would by no means pass up a spliff if it was passed to me like it's some kind of disgusting smoking device know what i mean.

    If you don't smoke cigs then it will definitely give you an incredible buzz too.

    I rolled a spliff and smoked it with my buddy who never smokes cigs, always weed tho and we didn't get halfway through the spliff and this guy was bending over trying to get his head right and ended up quitting a hit later. lol cool with me, it was a fatty :smoking:
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    no it isn't different, everyone here is just fucking stupid, except me :D

    people always see me rolling my pure fatties and they are all like "are you stupid, that isn't going to burn, you CANT smoke weed without tobacco" and i'm just like, "wtf are you talking about? can you not roll or something?" then i proceed to spark up.

    all they are doing is making the taste shitty and making it way unhealthy, for the sake of being stingy dickheads, or mostly because they are so uneducated about weed they don't know any better and they generally think you need to smoke weed with tobacco. they think it makes it burn better but anyone who rolls a good joint knows it burns just fine on its own.

    and no, when using a bong, tobacoo isn't used although barely anyone has a bong.
  5. Well it saves weed..and for people who smoke cigarettes or like the flavor of tobacco it makes it taste different and give them their tobaccy fix.

    I hate it myself...I often smoke 2 joints back to back just cause 1 isn't enough (regs) so I'm definitely not gonna smoke a joint with even less weed then normal...and I don't really like the flavor of tobacco..at least not compared to weed.

    Not my thing..:smoking:
  6. Very interesting. I didn't know that.
    I think maybe some of the younger generation there may not even know it.
    Last year we picked up a hitch hiker from London. He was hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and needed a ride into town. We were smoking a joint with him and he seemed amazed that it would smoke and stay lit w/o tobacco in it.
  7. Yeah, I've converted a few people to pure joints. However if I'm smoking with other people, pure joints are such a waste. The thing with a spliff is that when you're not toking on it, only the tobacco remains burning (provided that you make roughly a 50/50 mix) in most cases, so you're not wasting a ton of weed. With a pure joint you can put the joint out after every hit, but that's a hassle and takes the fun part out of smoking a joint.

    If you're smoking by yourself, have dry weed, and are willing to smoke quick, then a pure joint is definitely the way to go. (unless you want to use a pipe/bong, in which case, do it, they'll waste far less weed)

    For sharing though, I really recommend trying a spliff if you haven't before. You'll need king-size rolling papers, or you'll need to know how to combine two papers to make a longer joint. Put a thin layer of tobacco on the bottom of the paper (about 1/4 to 1/2 as much as the weed), grind up your weed, layer it on top, then put another thin layer of tobacco on top (you can just do a layer of tobacco and a layer of weed, but this way allows it to burn more evenly).

    Try and aim for a cone shape when you roll the joint, it'll burn real nice, look real nice, and taste amazing when it gets to the end as the cone shape aids resin build up. (which, in a spliff, actually tastes real nice)
  8. I normally mix my tobacco with my bud before rolling it.
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    Bash if you'd like, but I much prefer smoking a spliff in comparison to a joint.

    With a spliff, the tobacco helps it burn slower and more evenly (assuming you can roll).

    I've smoked several joints and several spliffs, and the spliff has arose to my day to day smoke. Joints tend to burn unevenly, or go out. At least with the quality of bud in Indiana ;) ha. If you're here you know what I'm talking about.

    If its a blunt, definitely dont add any tobaccy, but if its getting rolled into papers, spliff it up.

    Happy stoning.

    **Edit - I usually go for a ratio of about 1/3 tobacco to 2/3 bud.
  10. Stepping away from the crowd, i like it lol
  11. Oh, I forgot to mention, the other reason people in the UK love spliffs is because, well.. Imagine rolling 0.3g into a joint. You're either gonna get a tiny ass joint that you finish in 10-20 tokes, or if you're not the best roller and/or don't grind your weed, you'll struggle to keep it alight.

    0.3g of weed + tobacco =

    And trust me, it smokes better than it looks. However, when you get into larger amounts of weed, and I'm talking 0.8g+, then there's no real point in using tobacco at all. If you've only ever smoked spliffs, try rolling 1.5g pure into a large-spliff sized joint, you'll thank me ;)
  12. I cant smoke tobacco, back in the day I made the newb mistake of smokin too fast and too much of a cig and ive been dead sick of the smell, taste and everything about tobacco ever since. Ive tried it after but it just is so horrid i would never even THINK about mixing tobacco with my herb. Anyone who thinks weed cant burn right without tobacco CANNOT ROLL, and if you can roll then you dont know how to grind herb correctly.
  13. I'm not the biggest fan of cigs, but even when cigs made me sick I never had that problem with spliffs. I think both spliffs and pure joints have their place, so give a spliff a try when you're sharing a joint with friends, just don't put too much tobacco in your first time so you get used to the taste :)
  14. the point is when you want to smoke 0.3g you use a pipe.
  15. Smoking pure joints really irritates my lungs. And i can most certainly roll a perfect joint/spliff. It's definitely a culture thing....But this has been discussed soooo many times here.

    EDIT: Smoking a pipe doesn't have the same effect as a spliff for me. Plus i love the act of smoking. So a quick puff on a pipe doesn't satisfy that for me.
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    I hear yah, ive even gotten the best pipe tobacco i could find, tasted just as bad as cigs imo. Not a big deal really, I know how to roll so my joints last and burn evenly, without the risk of cancer. But to be honest, joints and blunts arent the norm here anymore. Back in high school its all we smoked, as soon as we got into college EVERYONE has a pipe. Getting a half oz of some joint weed this weekend so i may just have to try my very first spliff lol, blunts will be smoked tho, I never taste any tobacco etc in blunts.
  17. Ive been a smoker for awhile both tobacco, and weed. I HATE baccy in my joints, ruins the weed flavor, and is very harsh.
  18. And when you want to share that 0.3g? Try sharing a pipe with the average UK toker, you're now down 0.3g after the first hit someone else took.

    Like I said, spliffs = for sharing (when you're smoking 0.3-0.5g of herb generally) and pure joints = for smoking on your own, or when you're smoking larger amounts of herb.

    Don't use pipe tobacco, use rolling tobacco. Golden Virginia is real nice for joints, as is Cutters Choice.

  19. amen, people say pure joints irritate their lungs yet when i smoke a mixed one i can't go one toke without coughing.
  20. I agree there, a pure joint will have no impact on your lung health in the long run really, in fact I've actually seen pure weed making a positive impact on lung health rather than a negative one. That's why I don't agree with smoking spliffs to myself. To be fair though, when I'm smoking alone these days I only ever use my pipe, but if you're with people, and you enjoy the act of smoking, then a spliff is really nice.

    If however you're smoking for the high alone, and don't care about the act of smoking, pipes or bongs are the way to go, or pure joints when you're just using papers.

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