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Why medical and not recreational?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by crampo1, May 9, 2011.

  1. Why are people so compassionate when it comes to medical use of marijuana, but so judgmental when it comes to recreational use of marijuana?

    Restricting the choice of individuals is restricting their freedom to decide what they want to do with their own body. If a person is sick, they are allowed to choose if they want to use marijuana. If a person is healthy, they are not allowed to make this choice. Why should sick people have more freedom than healthy people?

    We can debate all we want about whether using marijuana is healthy or dangerous, but ultimately that choice should come down to the individual. Having the freedom to only make the "right" choices is not freedom at all.
  2. I totally agree. I have a medical card, and I do sometimes use it medicinally, but basically it's a thing you say so you can get it legally. I think there are lots of people that need it, but I mostly just want it.

    I don't know why that distinction makes it legal or illegal. Terrible, toxic shit like Oxycontin is legal. I just don;t feel like that standard means much cause its all politically manipulated.

    Ramble ramble... sorry, I just smoked a giant bowl of kush :smoke:
  3. i PERSONALLY have no qualms with recreational use. i medicate multiple times daily. i am so passionate about MMJ because of stories like this:
    Dad Gives Toddler Battling Brain Cancer Medical Marijuana - News Story - KXLY Spokane

    i also see it as a logical means to an end. TOTAL legalization. One can argue all day long about whether it is "morally" right to get high, but they can't argue against the medical benefits that SOOOoo many have received. AND with fewer negative side effects.

  4. Cough Cough. I feel better now.

    I think the reason the medical issue has been on the forefront is because if people started campaigning and protesting for pot to be legalized for recreational use, nobody would take the pothead protesters seriously. It's been a good argument to get people to wake up and crack the door, but I think it's time to bust that door down.

    It's sad that we should have to protest and rally to legalize freedom in this country. :(
  5. DEFINITELY can be a two-edged sword if not speaking to a logical person.
  6. Medical is just a steping stone, I see once around 40 states have cards It start be introduced federally to be legal
  7. Unfortunately, that is not true.
    If nothing else, having marijuana set as a schedule 1 drug is an arguement against its medical benefits, no matter how illogical that arguement is. I eagerly await the day that people no longer argue the medical benefits of marijuana.
  8. I heard its only suppose to be 5 dollar a g when it becomes legal.......Cant wait.
  9. Some nurse who came to my school (she 'educates' students on the affects that drugs have on huma organs) and she said the following.

    "I would never give Medical Marijuana to someone I cared about, I'd much rather give them other prescription medicine that is much safer and does a better job"


    ingorance is a disease :(

  10. Exactly, one battle at a time..
  11. Sched 1 IS a detractor, but nobody can deny it has helped MANY.

  12. And when we finally win :smoke:
  13. There's $5 g's in cali right now. My dispensary sells most all outdoor at $5 a g. Not bragging, just saying that it IS possible and may get even lower.;)
  14. yea but outdoor cali is nothing to write home about :/

    so much confusion though. the saying is "the poets were right"
    for this, i feel its "the rastas are right"

  15. hahah well i need to switch dispensaries cause San diego's are way over priced.
  16. True. i just look at it and say DAMN! there are people paying $15-20/g for this and i got it available for $5! i only use outdoor for rolling my spliffs(quitting cigs). But there would be a lot of folk that would LOVE that kind of availability. EVENTUALLY, i'd like to see top-shelf there. My dispensary currently has NO bud more than $10 g's. And that's Nirvana for many.

    Just dreaming of seeing that world-wide.;)
  17. Medicinal = for people who really need it and shouldn't go through streets. People with generalized anxiety disorders, depression, cancer, etc.
    Recreational = everyone else who wants to get high.
  18. i medicate for Fibro and depression. My wife and 11 year old son wouldn't have it any other way.

  19. You are a fucking hero man...:)

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