Why marijuana is not legalized.

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  1. There are some real simple reasons pot is not legalized. Look at grasscity for example. Look at all the other forum topics, then look at this one. It is pretty sad to see how few smokers are dedicated to the fight for freedom.

    And even those who do talk about legalization are not totally agreeing with each other. Some smokers don't even believe it needs to be legalized!

    So just posting this up here to see if there is anyone really dedicated to this fight. If some just post under here and I'd like to keep in touch, see what you doing to stop this injustice.

    "The only thing that can change the world, is a small group of dedicated people, indeed it is the only thing that ever has." Some quote someone said.
  2. Margaret Mead?
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    It is pretty frustrating how apathetic marijuana users seem to be. There is much that can be done that takes far less time than writing yet another post to complain, preaching to the choir. I'd love to see everyone do two simple and easy things to make a difference:

    Join NORML http://norml.org

    Write your Representative in support of H.R. 5843: To eliminate most Federal penalties for possession of marijuana for personal use, and for other purposes.
    Here's a link to send a pre-written letter/e-mail. All you need to do is enter your name and address and the e-mail/letter will be sent to the appropriate person.
  4. I think the main reason a lot of marijuana users don't work harder for legalization is because to do so is to expose ourselves as being engaged in an illegal activity. Most of us would rather not draw attention of this sort to ourselves ;)

    Also, (and this is just my personal theory) most people consume marijuana while they're pretty young (18 to 30ish) but for most of us our brains aren't really ready to engage in in-depth verbal confrontations with governmental officials at that age. For one thing we're perceived to be immature, also it takes years of life experience before we'll feel ready for an all-out debate with a Senator or other governmental prohibitionist about marijuana.

    By the time our brains are ready to take on the government (>35 - 40ish) a lot of us will have given up smoking so it won't be an issue we're interested in anymore. :( [that's just my theory from looking at the statistics of marijuana use]

    I think a lot of nonsmokers would support the right for people to use marijuana but because they don't smoke themselves it's not an issue they spend much time thinking about so they don't get involved. Also prohibitionists have corrupted the word "legalization" to make it appear that we just want everything that's currently illegal to become legal. So all the dealers currently selling to 12yr olds would become legal, all the Mexican weed smuggled in would become legal and all the grow houses and grows on public land would become legal.

    That is obviously something that would scare most people and is NOT what we want. Legalization of the marijuana market simply means to legalize the production and supply of marijuana by approved businesses[FONT=&quot]. [/FONT]That in itself would instantly force illegal marijuana out of the market because illegal weed cannot be produced as cheaply as legal weed (illegal growers need an extra incentive to compensate them for their risk of getting caught). Consumers will, of course, prefer to buy cheaper weed from safe, legal and attractive locations ("coffeeshops") which is guaranteed to be free from pesticides, glass, lead and all other contaminants.

    When the illegal weed's been forced out of the market (and it will happen fast) there'll only be legal weed available and all consumers will be carded (just like with alcohol and tobacco today) which will drastically reduce the amount of marijuana use by minors.

    Better, cheaper, safe and legal weed for users. Minors regulated out of the market. Annual saving for the government of $10 billion from not having to enforce the prohibition. Annual tax revenue for the government from the sale of legal weed estimated to be $30 billion. Sounds like everyone should be happy. Except the DEA who'll have to get their resumes up-to-date coz those fuckers are gonna be unemployed!!! haha.. :hello:
  5. we are afraid, dude. they are coming to take everything from you on a tuesday afternoon by surrounding your house with cars and dogs. I have seen it firsthand.
  6. that's true if they think you're possessing or growing but they can NOT do anything to you just
    based on the fact that you advocate law reform

    ..it is not grounds for suspicion of illegal activity
  7. Ya but ain't you just as scared when you sitting at home smoking? I mean, do you really think paranoia would be a problem if it was legal? Know what I'm saying.
  8. people in general are not very active for causes they believe - I read the laws by state today and really got pissed. Fact is getting arrested for the herb will screw you up WAY more than the herb itself, that's screwed logic.

    has Norml actually helped that much. Me joining Norml would have no effect is the way I feel - I truly believe The people in the US would vote to severely decriminalize it if give then choice.

    I am a grown man in my 50s in a high tech job - very responsible it's ridiculous to say I can not hit a bowl of smoke in the evening to relax.

    I can go to the doctor and get a prescription to drugs that * up your mind and have debilitating-dangerous side effects but can't smoke a joint. That is crazy.

    I know I am preaching to the choir but I don't know if there is anything WE can do about it, we can write letters, join Norml but people have doing that for years with VERY little change

    pisses me off.
  9. We can get it legalized. But it's gonna have to take a more devoted front. I'm stoned, so I'll probably edit this later. But I mean, we are very nonchalant about it, it seems. Many of us can't even agree that it should be legalized. I mean, think of Prohibition with liquor. Marijuana gotta be the same way.
    I think we just need to be more active and more loud, so that they can't ignore us anymore. We need marchs and rallys and events.
  10. Yeah, I do understand wanting to stay on the down low and all. I highly doubt though, that your Congressmen are going to send the DEA because you wrote a letter. I'd imagine being on this site earns us more unwanted attention. I'm starting to believe that no one is even reading my letters anyway. I'm yet to get a response to my recent emails. In the past I've received form letters that tell me the basics on the bill I wrote to them about while skirting around their stance. Thanks, but I did write you a letter regarding a specific bill. I think you'd assume I know what it's generally about already?

    My Representative's campaigning computer robots continue to leave me weekly voice mails though.

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