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  1. can sombody of any faith or belief system help me understand why you guys believe that their is an all powerful creator that would let all the shit in the world happen that is going on now and that has virtually been disproven. im not tryin to be critical of any1s beliefs.

    p.s. can som1 (preferably agnostic or atheist) tell me how to tell my mom i dont believe in all this God stuff (or if i shouldnt tell her at all) cause she has been talking about it lately
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    You can't have good without evil.

    Evil and good are one in the same, they depend on each other for existence. The existence of good naturally creates the existence of evil and vice versa.

    Thus, evil and good are both perfect in their existence... Evil things may seem terrible to us in our own subjective experience but in the grand scheme of things even evil things are perfect.

    Not only that, but how can you say something is good or evil? Sure, in one moment an evil event may be terrible... but think of how much good an evil event can bring.

    There is a story about a buddhist farmer. One day his best horse escaped and ran away. All the villagers said "How terrible!". The farmer said "maybe".

    Then the next day the horse came back and brought 3 wild horses with it. The villagers said "How fortunate!", the farmer said 'maybe".

    Then the next day his son tried to ride one of the wild horses and fell, breaking his leg. The villagers said "How unfortunate!". The farmer said "Maybe"

    The next day a general and his soldiers came... going off to war. They demanded that every able bodied man join them in their fight, but the son could not go as his leg was broken. The villagers said "How fortunate", the farmer replied "Maybe"

    So you see, no event can be labelled as good or evil except in a particular fleeting moment. In the long run every event leads to just as much good as evil, thus we are the only ones who give things the label of "good" or "Evil", as these events have neither attribute inherently contained in and of themselves. Even by our labels things are only good or evil in one specific moment.... in the long run all things equal out.

    I'm sure we can all think of a terrible event in our life that at the time we thought god hated us, but we later realize that that tragic event was a gift of divine providence. We learn invaluable lessons from many terrible events... we learn through suffering. If everything was good all the time we would get tired of it.... If you were stuck on a beach on a beautiful island every day for the rest of your life you would get tired of it... as humans we have a basic need for variety, for ups and downs.

    All things are perfect.. no matter how fucked up they seem.
  3. Why is it that the creator has to be a puppet master and control everything that happens on the world? People have free will and can control most things that happen in their lives by their decision making.

    If I was a god and created earth I'd make people and let them figure out shit for themselves. Not control every little detail of it.
  4. Most people can't understand that god is beyond human comprehension... and does not do things like humans do.

    People are quick to give god human characteristics... as though god makes decisions like we do and thinks about things like we do.

    God is beyond our understanding. We can see god on a basic level as god is manifest in physical reality, and manifest in all other planes... but the true source is beyond our minds capacity for understanding.
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    If you're living with her and she's serious about religion, I think I would advise you to simply avoid the topic completely. If you're forced to discuss it, just be honest and calm about it and if anything starts going badly, just drop the subject.

    What a strange world we live in. Millions of our most intelligent fellow human beings have somehow totally missed this non-understandable God that thabosshogg, and incidentally, billions of the most ignorant and un-educated know to exist.

    Truly bizarre.
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    It sounds like you are young and starting to really question god and what's after life. I call this "the burden of life." ... no reason why either. just started calling it that at a young age.

    You will figure it out one day...... I'll be on the other side waiting for you!

    Until then, ask youself.... what would it actually take to PROVE to you once and for all?

    Do you have to see it? smell it? feel it? hear it? taste it? 6th sense it? What would it take? How would that prove anything to you? This life is so short although it may seem long at times. Why would you make up your mind and say that there is no god in the short 80(+/-) years of life? That's ignorant if you ask me. Considering ETERNITY! How do you think that god has basically been disproven? How are we anymore advanced than 2,000 years ago? Sure, we have new words, and spaceships.... cool. It's not like we've evolved into superman, with brains the size of basketballs and telekinesis. YET!!!

    I would explain god to you, but it would take eternity. That's not a joke either.
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    Your posts never cease to entertain me Argo, and for that I thank you.
  8. True power lays within the ability to control a mass of minds into thinking the same thing. Question is, why? Wealth? Power? Fighting for control of our own kind?

    Who knows, this is why I don't agree with religion.
  9. I really don't feel like typing out all my beliefs again, because I just got done with a large discussion about this. If you are interested in my beliefs, please read this thread:


    Feel free to post back here if you have any questions. Remember. Only you can decide. Do not allow others to force there faith on you without thinking it over and deciding how it applies to you.

    One Love friend
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    The door to your box is shut. Darkness consumes. Open the door and you will see the light.

    (this wasn't meant directly toward you boss, but more to what you are referring ;))
  11. srry i dont mean to say that i totally dont believe in God i just dont care wether it is out their or not because at the current state of the world it seems as though God dosent care for our well being so why should i care for it...like to me God or may not be out there.
    to be totally honest if God was proven to exist than it wouldnt change my daily life i would still live the same way i would live before that
  12. It has been proven.. people just don't accept it as "proof" to them.

  13. man one of the only ways i could accept proof is if God came down and touched me or talked to me or some other form of direct proof and if it(God) does exist and doesnt giv me such proof it obviously couldn't care less whether i beleived or not
  14. "god" touches you everyday and you touch "god" everyday. This is my belief however.

    My proof for a creator? Existence. Nature. The miracle called life.

    Can I ask you to think about something? Think of gravity. Everything that requires it to live/exist. (bicycle ride, plants to grow, Rain to make those plants grow) Now oxygen. In order for you to live, you and every mammal needs it, and plants supply it. Now you supply what plants need to survive. (carbon dioxide) See the relationship?

    There are many more requirements I can't think of right now, but my point is do you see the miracle that MUST happen in order for us to exist?

  15. God does not benefit from you acknowledging it's existence, nor does it need you to... it works the other way around.

    Again, you are applying human characteristics to god, as if god "cares" about anything.
  16. Well you know what the bible says Genesis 1:27 - Man made God in his image.
  17. Your argument is called Pascal's wager. It was considered idiotic hundreds of years ago.
  18. To some? yes. To all? no.
  19. To the intelligent community? Yes. To the delusional, insane, or stupid? No.

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