Why like people like this?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by fuckstemsdude2, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. Okay why for example why does my dealer ask 50 for 2 gs of blue diesel instead of normal shit when i tell him i have is 45. He cant spot 5 motherfucking dollars i mean seriously its sad. I can always get that 5 but i feal dealers stress to much over the little shit. That wont make any difference but not make the costumer happy. bothers me.

    "Improving our economy 7 grams at a time"
  2. eh, thats somewhat why i stopped buying from people. mofos are just too excited about some bud for 5 bucks? i just grow my own shit.
  3. You don't walk into Wal-Mart and expect the cashier to spot you $5, do you?

    If he's a friend, then yeah, he should. But he doesn't owe you anything.
  4. Very true.
  5. idk weed dealers dont make much in general , though your guy is taxing up the ass but yeah man since ur payin that he should just hook it up 5$ off if u r a good customer/friend. or just ask for a little bit less of weed for 45? idk
  6. "ok why for example why"
    anyways, because he sees you as a easy target to rip off, he just gives u bud with a fancy name, hence the price raise.
  7. Because it's his business and he needs to make money. Theres no reason for him to take off $5 just because. And if he's charging you $50 for 2g's he's getting ripped of as well.
  8. Yeah i only ask people to front me some money if there friends and if i know that i'm good for it
  9. 5 is a bit much to be asking from a dealer to spot. I'm usually comfortable asking to buy an amount if I'm 1 or 2 dollars short, 3 max, but anything above that most dealers will say no.
  10. My guy spotted me 5s when i got 4 dubs for 65$(ONly had 60$, my friend decided she didn't want to drop..), i didn't have the 5s next time i hit him up i only had the 20s for a dub. He sold it to me anyways even though i still owe him 5s, which im gonna pay him this week when i get a half.. :D
  11. You pay 25/g? You dealer should blow you for paying that much.
  12. That is sad...I would never pay for that
  13. if hes a small time dealer then every dollar counts
    and its just annoying to be honest, once or twice is alright, but then u got those busters who are always fuckin short. 1 time I had this kid who came through with 100 bucks for a Quad, 75 of it in change, i told em to take a hike and never call me again.
  14. 25/g is LOL. Really find a new dealer man.

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