why leaves turning yellow, do i have spider mites

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  1. well this is my 3 weeks old plant and the problem is some leaves are turning yellow :(and when i put it under the cfls i can see these tiny white dots on the top of the some leaves but not random placed sort of symmetrical but when i take it out of the grow box nothing?????
    looked under and all over for the spider mites but didn't find any, not sure do i have them idk am i being paranoid

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  2. I'm thinking she is getting to the age that she needs some nutrients fed to her. She has a nitrogen deficiency is why the leaves turn yellow. And btw that is the wierdest looking mj plant I have seen lol
  3. i am giving her nutes and whats wrong with how she looks
  4. When was the last time you gave her nutes? If you just started I could see it stil being yellow as the nutes haven't worked its way to the leaves yet. And nothings wrong with it I just have never seen one so short n stubby like that
  5. i have just recently just started about a day ago and when i look in more detail i see the white spots i have a feeling that i might have mites, is there anyway i can tell for sure
  6. if you right click the first image and click on view image and zoom you can see the white dots i see, but otherwise they are not visible on the pictures
  7. To check for mites your gonna wanna invest in a jewlers loupe 30x. Flip your leaves over and use it to look for mites underneth. A camera with a decent zoom might also work. Depending on the progress (if you do have mights) you can also mist your plant and look for webs
  8. i had a look around they are pretty cheap :D
    but might take some time to arrive would my plant be dead by then
    thanks for the help bwarren93
  9. Even at 3 weeks out you shouldnt be desperate for food.One leaf looks burnt from nutes in the last 2 pics to me.May even be a PH issue.

    Need more info..Soil type eveything you can think of.

    It doesnt seem like spider mites.You cant see the actual mites with your naked eye,but you should be able to see the egg sacks on the bottom of the leaves if they are there.Clusters of white shit will be a sign.
  10. my leaves are turning yellow and falling off....smh...why?...my ph is always in range of 5.5-6.5 my ppm is 150 and my water temp 77-81 because i don't have a chiller..i know this could be it but is this the main reason?(I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH EXPERIENCE TO MAKE THAT CALL) the humidity is usually about 20-35.....i used spring water fox farm nutes and some super thrive and the l.e.d light is courtesy of hydro grow...this is my second walk around the block the first walk i believe went bad due to no ph meter and solution.not sure what's up any info and advice greatly appreciated...:wave:

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  11. Says here optimal PH for hydro is 5.1-5.9.http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-marijuana-growing/289559-whats-best-ph-hydro.html

    I've never run hydro,but I would run 5.6-5.8.

  12. oh ok i willl try that range instead and see what happens...thanks.....the best for hydro I read was 5.5-6.5....so that interesting....but I usually keep at 5.5 so it has room to go up....i also have another plant growing but it look sick as hell...i figure i let it grow out and see what happens they both are 3 weeks
  13. here is the other one...both my girls need a lil help hope they pull out it.

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  14. That's nitrogen burn there. Flush them and use just water for a week or so until they gain some stregnth back to take more nutes. And rule of thumb is first few feeding never do more than 1/4 stregnth
  15. Nitrogen????...although my ppm is 150?

  16. Yea thats why I didnt say burn at first,but it really looks like burn to me as well.
  17. Ok...so what the next step i assume i raise my ppm...if i follow fox farm it would be at 1100 or so but i also read i should keep it at about 5-600....my other question is when do you first apply nutes?...is it when the water leaves fall off or is it when you have 6-8 set of true leaves?...on my lil girl she has her water leaves and only 4 set of true leaves but i guess the yellow spots are a given that she needs food..but to prevent this when is a good time to start feeding?
  18. Thanks for the help guys if i didnt say so before....learning and teaching is the circle of life...im willing to learn if all i can...
  19. hows the roots? watering/ feeding correctly?
  20. It looks like some sort of deficiency, too much of something. cut back, half strength of what you're using now. maybe a few days of just pHed water.

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