Why its happen, leaf's break

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  1. Hello all
    31 days week 5 veg
    5 gallon pot, from start to day 28 i water without drain. Around 3L, maybe 3.5L, 1or2 times 4L.
    Last time (30days old) i watered 7.5L water its around 30% drain.
    I thought that the leaf's breaking is because of the water that i dont drain but after last time i dont see some improve.

    Do you think it need to take some time and few drains to health the plants? Or i do something wrong.

    Please help

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  2. I'm Russian and my English is still better than yours...Can't see what you drive at

    perhaps lift pot


    hen water or not

    good luck
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  3. What you don't understand?

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