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Why isn't Wild Will's Glycerin Tincture a Sticky?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by KinkySwitch, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Not only is he a diligent moderator (and sometimes seemingly an ass about it, but he gets his job done,He's just strict to the books and knows what he's doing), but he knows how to make a basic glycerin tincture that is customizable for anyone. Now I don't mean to call him an ass at all, mind you. I'm the one wanting his tincture recipe to be stickied for the following reasons:

    His recipe is a basic framework of which you can get creative with and work on. The thread itself is a goldmine of information, ranging from Temperature, to techniques, to even CANNING instead of using the slow-cooker method, or using a mix of the two. Bad Kat even comes in with some of her own expertise.

    It gets lost amongst the good handful of firecracker recipes and hoopla I see in the Edibles section, of the same questions being asked over and over, about the same damn things. With Bad Kat coming in and reposing links to the same Stickies, to the same information that is right there.

    This glycerin tincture recipe, as simple as it is, ans if the Original Post were to be edited to include some of the newer information/condensed information (Or perhaps just state what pages some of the answers to questions or best info has surfaced for easy reference IE: Say on page X there is Bad Kat's point on how Crock Pot lids may not be equal and how decarbing may be best incase a lid is not going to make a good seal. Or on Page X the info for various temperature ranges and how to adequately monitor that is here etc etc) regarding temperature, how crock pot lids may be different (all points Bad Kat and others have made to the many blades that have asked questions over and over about the same possible problems for this kind of extraction..) I think that it would be a great sticky to have, especially for those who wish to begin working with Cannabis Medicine, like myself.

    I have started this tincture today after doing research, research, research and carefully reading and trying to understand any potential problems, taking key note of what the mixture is supposed to look like, ingredient ratios/strengths and I have shopped around for great deals on bottling supplies. (Zenith down on Rosevelt in Seattle's U-District would be a great place to get bottling supplies.)

    (This started as a Journal Entry, the rest of it is in my blog, but the rest is not pertinent to the question I am posing,but if you would like to read the rest of the entry that this came from, please see my recent entry, link in sig. I talk about my take on Cannabis Medicine in the rest of the entry). Stuff in BOLD are things I have added just now to clarify.
  2. I have finished making his recipe from start to finish and the bottles are now on their way to finish curing as Bad Kat suggested within the numerous pages of questions and answers of the original thread (this is not verbatim) that lower heat may be best to avoid destroying the cannibinoids, and then possibly letting the bottles sit (as Wild Will said the tincture gets stronger over time) for a time to obtain greater potency.

    I will let my bottles sit for about 1 week, my test bottle will sit for about 2-3 days before I take a drop, and then again at day 5 I will take another drop, at day 7 I will take another drop and guage potency. These drops will be taken sublingually not put into coffee or any other liquid, they will be taken as meant to be taken, and be taken before I have smoked or taken any other concentrate to guage its potency without having any previous short-term toelerance build-up.

    This is my scientific method for guaging potency of my product.

    Temperature during my process ranged between 160 and 180. It did not reach 190, no vapor or steam escaped when the lid was left on, I allowed very little to escape while stirring.
    I had very little liquid loss of the 16oz of liquid. All 8 2oz bottles filled up nicely with a 10ml syringe. I perhaps lost close to 1oz of liquid, or a half oz of liquid total.

    I will post pictures, but failed to take pictures of of the actual process, as Wild Will has already done so.
  3. Pics of the finished product and bottling:

    Actually found a 10ml syringe, instead of that 1ml syringe. I used the 1ml to add vanilla extract, which I didn't really want to do, but the orange peel seemed so gross in the crock pot.
    There is the 10ml syringe ^

    Finsihed product. Not too much liquid lost. Bottle in front is test bottle that I will test at Days 3, 5, and 7 as the rest cure quietly in a drawer undisturbed.

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