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Why Is Weed The Most Popular Illegal Drug?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BudBrownies, May 24, 2013.

  1. Because now everybody knows that it doesn't kill you. The stigma surrounding weed smoking has diminished significantly because of this.
  2. cuz weed don't kill ya, is not addicted and is cheap drug
  3. Availability, social acceptance of cannabis, and low price opposed to some hard drugs.
  4. I wouldn't say its the most popular because the most popular is always the most addictive. i'd say it varies from place to place. some cities/towns are more prominent then others. but most people i know, including me, prefer smoking over drinking. its a good, cheap vice compared to all the other shit that's out there. sweet mary is the only thing that's really worth it to me anymore.
  5. In addition to what the other have said, I think its also because the effects of the drug overall are lesser than that of other drugs. for example if I smoke a bowl I can do anything I can do not high, but if I'm high on some unmentionables it may not be as easy.
    So my point is weed is easier to use frequently and infuse into a normal life than any other narcotic.
  6. Another point: easy to grow.
  7. Because the benefits of the plant have been suppressed for too long. Companies can't make money from it because it is a plant they can't patent, so just make it a Schedule I drug and say fuck you buy my synthetic medicine that gives you all sorts of problems. That's why. People are starting to realize the truth about cannabis and hemp, and it is at a point where there are enough followers towards legalizing that it is starting to make a different, i.e. Washington and Colorado legalizing. That wouldn't have happened if there weren't millions of people wanting the same thing.
  8. Probably it's the safest. The rest actually damage your body. 
  9. Easy to obtain, people don't look at pot smokers like junkies who will rob their gramma to get their next fix, it's not physically addictive, you can be relatively functional while stoned, it tends to lead to a good time, no hangovers, and no serious long term effects. Not to mention, it's fucking awesome :)
  10. I didn't think it's the most popular, but maybe people prefer it over many things because it's safe and easy to get/make.
  11. Probably a combination of non-lethality, availability and effect as compared to alcohol. The rise of the Internet has probably also helped people make informed decisions regarding it.
  12. Easy Access, Not TOO bad for your health (unless you use a vape) and it has been social popularized by media and music. For example, since more rappers are starting to talk about Mollies (MDMA) its becoming even more popular then it already was. People been talking bout weed in their songs since the 50's (just a guess).
  13. Easy to get, decriminalized/medical in a lot of places, so little to no risk vs other drugs, and people know that it's safe.  Also pretty cheap compared to the others
  14. I've tried many different drugs, and the only one that ever stuck with me or truly made me feel better was the herb.
  15. because weed is awesome
  16. It isn't as bad for you as other drugs. It's non addictive so when you have no money you have no urge to steal or w.e to get your fix. It's fairly cheap compared to other drugs. Accessibility is probably one of the biggest things. Cannabis is very easy to obtain. Has medical uses which of course so do a lot of other drugs but it doesn't harm your body much at all. It's a laid back drug. Instead of hyping you up making you paranoid for the most part not true for everyone, it makes you relaxed and calm. Very social drug. Allows people to have fun with others. Some other drugs make you unsociable kind of like your on your own path with no one else. Make people very happy, people love happiness.
  17. No...that's not true.
  18. Because its the least harmful, least addicting, and most fun drug out of all of them.
  19. IMO, it's because the pharmaceutical companies can't figure out how to market it. You can't really grow beer in your backyard, so that's okay, tobbaccos a bitch to grow, so that passes, plus they make a shitload off the other "medicines" to treat beer and cigs problems that come about with drinking/smoking. But weed can be grown by anyone, so they won't make money, it doesn't kill people, so they won't make money, it's not addicting, so they won't make money, it can't kill you, so they won't make money, and the only cure for weed is munchies, so they won't make money.

    Why in the FUCK would they want a drug/herb/plant that GOOD to be legal when they can pay billions to demonize it and keep it banned? Where's the profit? Plus, the U.S. govt. holds the patent....on Yeah, figure that one out. They own a fucking plant.

    So tomorrow I'm off to the patent office, as I think I want the sun, since it's mine, knowimsayin?

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