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Why is weed such a big deal?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Charsi, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Judging from what I've read here, people in other countries often have to go through a lot of trouble to find a dealer and get quality weed unless they grow it themselves and then they have to be careful about not getting caught, etc. and worst of all, marijuana prices in the US are in the 100s of dollars for just an ounce wtf? $300 for an oz of some kush??? GTFO are you kidding me? An ounce is nothing, we use that much to make one jug of bhang (cannabis drink).

    In my country Pakistan, both sativas and indicas grow wild depending on where you are and nobody gives fuck about them, not even the cops will bother you for weed. You can literally smoke it anywhere and its 100% free because its wild. It's not even illegal here. Hash is another story but I'm talking about the green stuff. Nobody in Pakistan would ever pay for that shit and I'm being really serious here. Weed in other countries is as illegal as alcohol is over here for Muslims (other religions can legally buy it) but in other countries like UK or Germany nobody can legally buy weed, not even Rastas whose religion based on it. I'm so happy I live where I do.
  2. You'd be better off sending seeds

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  3. You guys can get proper feminized seeds of specific strains, all we get here is landrace (unless you order them online but they'll take a month to get here). Still it's good stuff and will get you high as hell for a few hours and since it's free, you can't really complain lol. No seeds at all in any Pakistani weed.

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  4. It's a wonderful thing that it grows wild in Pakistan and that you live there...if that's where you want to be. IF you lived here in the US and IF you didn't grow your own and wanted to smoke, you would be FORCED to pay what dealers are charging for it. Plain and simple. Not sure why your big rant about price. Everybody doesn't live in Pakistan nor do they wish to. TWW
  5. All I'm saying is that it's a plant just like any other, it should be free all over the world. Why does your govt make such a big deal about it?
  6. no shit, the "war on drugs" is retarded and a complete waste of tax payer dollars. People should be free do whatever drugs they want its there body. Who is the government to say what we can and cannot put in our body's, if you ask me if someone wants to waste there life away on unmentionables then by all means. But dont waste our money trying to chase down these "criminals" i can think of 1000000 different things law enforcement can be doing to better the community then going around smashing pipes and ruining lives. Fucking ridiculous if you ask me

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  7. If you paid me all the weed in the world, I still wouldnt live in pakistan.
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  8. And I wouldn't live anywhere else if you paid me all the money in the world.
  9. Nobody belives u.
  10. What is weed such a big deal? Because it happens to be full of marijuanas! I sure do love me some marijuanas.

    Jokes aside, while it might be illegal to smoke ganja in some parts of the world it is not for me and many others who live in parts of the US. even if it was I would still do it illegally you know why? Because no one will chop my head off and / or the heads of my family for breaking some shitty little law.

    As far as 300$ go, you have to put that into perspective. 300$ US goes much farther, and I mean much, much, MUCH farther in your country then it actually does in the US. more then that there is this thing called quality.

    Quality ganja needs all sorts of things to make it quality ganja. Things like attention, love, nutes, trimming, water etc , etc. the word you are looking for is "dirt weed" because with out proper care that's what it is.
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  11. It would seem weird picking wild weed. least here you kinda know what strain your seems like accepting candy from a stranger
  12. its free, its sativa, and it gets you high. I don't care about strains, as long as its good weed
  13. Ok but at the end of the day, all weed only lasts for 4 hours max once you smoke it and then it's gone. I'd rather smoke free weed, even if it is from the dirt, and pay $300 rent for a mansion with a swimming pool. And don't forget, all your fancy indoor strains have at least one ancestor f this region because this is he real thing. My people took weed to Jamaica and Mexico, then it came to the US and Europe. Even quality Moroccan hash is mostly from Pakistani and Afghan plants these days.
  14. I could live in the UK where I was born or anywhere else in the EU but fck that. Why pay £10 per gram in London or even more in Amsterdam when I can get better natural stuff for free over here.
  15. Wow. U base where u want to live off thr price of cannabis? Thats kinda sad.
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  16. What else is there in life apart from cannabis? We can get all American and European products in Pakistan, weather is better and people are generally much nicer than in Europe who are really stuc up (I like American people because most of them are friendlier than English or French people for example). You can get everything here for a lot cheaper so why would I ever want to live anywhere else?
  17. And being here I learnt that cannabis should not have a price, it should be free
  18. Its always free if u grow yourself.
  19. Yes but what do you do when they kick your doors down and arrest you for growing? That happened to a friend back in London. Americans are lucky as well if they live in a Medical Marijuana state but the UK is fcked up. Zero tolerance for marijuana. That's literally as bad as Saudi Arabia.
  20. I would never go to countries like Singapore or Dubai or Saudi Arabia where there is no weed at all and you can get executed for just one joint. Fck them. If they don't have weed, I wont go there.

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