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Why is weed making me so motivated lately?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by emmalh2373, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Well usually weed makes me feel a bit lazy and hungry or just wanting an adventure. But I feel like I've ben coming a bit undone these past few months and the ganja always gives me a fresh perspective & the past few times my high self has done my hwk and im about to do some work no i believe... or eat. Oooh guys I'm sorry I forgot i was was asking a Q, well I was wondering why weed has made me do my school work and other stuff productive, used to be lazy or creative.
  2. You have reached pothead status young grasshoppa'
  3. Cause weed loves you and you love weed. Therefore you two are now in a relationship where you can safely say your counter part has given you a positive perspective to life as well as your responsibilities.

    Man fk this, I wanna smoke! been 2 days and I feel like a motherfucker
  4. me and my friends have built multiple ramps for skating when stoned:sk8:
  5. Sativa over indica in your pickups lately?
  6. [quote name='"1sttimegrower"']Sativa over indica in your pickups lately?[/quote]

    Most likely. Op, what you smokin?
  7. hahahaha what does a motherfucker feel like? :confused_2:

    i always feel like a motherfucker :devious:
  8. You probably got a sativa instead of a hybrid or indica, either of those will have more dominant CBD levels. :D
  9. I always am motivated when I smoke, problem is halfway through whatever I am doing I get less high and am not interested in continuing the project until I smoke more.

    Sometimes I smoke too much and start like 5 projects, than walk around a corner and say "why the fuck is the vacuum pulled out?" oh duh, I was going to vacuum. Then proceed to vacuum and halfway with that "why the fuck is the water running in the kitchen?" oh yeah was gonna do dishs (starts dishs) eventually all projects get finished :p
  10. Prior when you smoked your body was adjusting keeping you relaxed now you're accustomed to it you can function and get shit done
  11. it just depends on the type of strain your puffin on. some strains make you tired and lazy. while others make you energetic.
  12. It always makes me motivated, you'll find me cleaning the whole house n shit.

  13. Me too :D Good to know I am not alone!

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