Why is weed illegal?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Love & Loyalty, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. I want a straight answer once and for all for this question! Why in Gods name is marijuana illegal?
  2. because it serves the government's purpose. They get too much money from things that pot would provide competition for.
  3. propoganda made by the cotton idustries in the 1920's saying how pot was very dangerous.

    There motive behind this was to put the hemp industry out of business.

    The cotton industry knew that hemp/the cannabis plant was a lot more resourceful.

    - A lot more of it can be grown on one peice of land (more than the amnt of cotton that can be grown on the same land.)
    - You can use hemp for many idfferent things (clothing, food, paper, smoking, oils, ointments, medicines).

    for alot more info....great site..... http://www.friendlystranger.com/info/reefer.htm
  4. And why is it STILL illegal?

    Because if it was legal, it would be nearly impossible for the government to regulate it, because it's so easy to grow (Helloo it's a WEED). So everyone would just grow their own and the government wouldn't make a dime.

    Still doesn't explain why they spend billions of dollars throwing over 600,000 people in jail every year though -- you'd think they'd be against wasting money. But that's because no prominent politician has the balls to stand up and say, "Pot isn't nearly as harmful as you think. I smoke it, and I'm proud. It should be legalized."

    Everyone's too afraid to stand up for what they believe in. One day, though, we'll get another president like FDR who will actually DO shit and not be manipulated by public opinion. Here's hoping...
  5. There are some that do have the balls to say all that, but they are often looney whack-jobs in the public's eyes.
  6. yeah but if the government grew it in laboratories and whatnot they'd make some killer bud they could sell that we couldn't grow, people can also grow tobacco but they don't. if they cheapened the price for like a pack of high quality joints, theyd make a living.
  7. Growing tobacco and growing weed are two different things. There is a reason people don't grow tobacco... it's not an indoor plant like weed is. You would need a crop for tobacco for it to really serve a use. All I need is one pot plant in my room and I would be the happiest man alive... or feel like it... because I would constantly be stoned. :)

  8. umm yea u can tell you have never gone to jail b4...

    when they make arrest, they MAKE MONEY, they dont lose money, is it wrong that they throw ppl in jail for smoking pot, yes, but hey, its all about the money, they get paid and they are sleazy, i hate cops

  9. The drug war is a waste of tax money in my opinion. The country is a wreck, yet we keep spending money on the drug war and the war on terrorism.
  10. its a mind/mood altering drug.....so is alcoholm but thats the government for ya

  11. when they fine someone they make money, when they put you in prison they lose it.

  12. That's what I though...prison = food, medical care, etc...
  13. Maybe it's illegal because of the mental damage it causes. Just a thought.
  14. Oh hell no!!!! im a beginner in using weed but i can tell u, it doesent make u stupid. it makes me happy and hungry :D. its a long story why it is illegal......and i dont want to explain it. its too long.


  15. I have yet to see any proof that marijuana cause mental damage, it's been proven that it does not affect brain cells at all other then short term memory :p. Also, keep in mind that people will be themselves wheather they're high or sober...stupid people make for stupid stoners. "Mental damage" is all in the person's head...just ask all the responsible marijuana users here that are doing very well and are successfull (sp?) :)

  16. I'm not sure, but I have a feeling that our government knows how little harm marijuana really causes...but they've spent all this time trying to convince us that it's bad for us. If they went back on that now, they'd look like morons. (Well, it would make them look worse, anyway.)
  17. Well, all I know is that I have huge amounts of respect for politicians who admit they made a mistake and do something to change it....I have NO respect for politicians who lie just to cover their asses.

    I respect people like Kucinich who say that weed isn't harmful and it should be regulated like alcohol. I do NOT respect people like Bush who spend millions of our tax dollars putting LIES on television.

    When will politicians learn that being honest and direct is the way to get people to trust you, instead of treating them like children who can't make decisions for themselves?

    And to the guy who said "I've never been in jail before because the govt makes money when it arrests people": that's simply not true. As other users have noted, things like fines give the government more money. Putting them in jail costs the government a shitload of money: they're giving the pot smoker free room and board off the taxes of its citizens. The government would make a LOT of money if it decriminalized weed, and make even more by legalizing and taxing it!

    Really the only arguments for weed to remain illegal are propoganda, "morality" (which, for 90% of the people who claim this argument, is just an excuse so they don't have to reveal that they don't have a real reason.), and fear.

    Any rational person realizes that treating weed as a criminal issue is entirely detrimental to our country. The War on Drugs, which costs over $50 billion a year, has seen drug use go UP every single year.

    Drugs are not a criminal issue. They are a health issue. Sending peaceful drug users to jail is the stupidest idea our government has had since segregation.

  18. NB i know this guy (a good friend) but he doesnt smoke at all.. or drink... and i dont think he can be swayed on this either
  19. Maybe it's because it smells disgusting. Just a thought.
  20. Hi,

    I think its illegal because if people could get weed as easy as beer, there would be a lot of people that would be stoned all the time, and that's not good for the society, if more people would just smoke and have no jobs.

    But then again theres not jobs for everyone at the moment anyway, so that argument cant be used anyway :)

    About weed giving mental damage, well ....

    With weed you dont have hangover the next day like with alcohol, you can actually smoke weed and get extremely stoned, and go to work the day after.

    I even know people who roll their cigarettes with a little weed in them, and smoke those all the time, and whey have jobs, go to work like "non-smokers", and do their job.

    The problem is in my oppinion, that politicians have not tryed smoking or the ones that have are afraid of loosing their jobs if they say anything.

    Its like with racism, when ever something about "black" people is said by a politician he/she is a racist, its one of those areas that people just dont want to discuss, its one of the areas that people just say "Thats the way it is, (I dont know why, but i have been told) but it is that way because well ... it is !!"

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