Why is weed illegal?

Discussion in 'General' started by TokingToker, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. They did a good job on hitting ever major argument. Plus rep to Joe Rogan at the end haha that was tight.
  2. Joe Rogan is allways bad ass.
  3. I dont know why but i know if i ever kicked it with Jow Rogan, i would want to kill him.
  4. bump for great justice.
  5. that's pretty funny! it's all true..............
  6. cool video +rep. i have a question what are lollipops?
  7. lollipops are like hard laffy taffy on the top of a stick.

  8. the truth has been told +rep
  9. how did Joe Rogan get my diary?? .:p.
  10. this is purdy nifty

    always knew rogan blazed upppp
  11. Rogan is awesome. Check out his videos on DMT. He's a huge fan.

    My favorite quote from him - "The only way to scratch below the surface is psychedelics. And the stronger the psychedelic, the better."

    Just the way he said it was music to my ears. I was barely interested in psychedelics before I heard that.
  12. i lolled.
  13. my first thought when i read the title was

    weed is illegal because there are too many people who get pleasure out of watersports:rolleyes:
  14. Na, she's saying they enjoy golden showers and the like.

    Watersports FTW!
  15. Hahaha, I'm just being a smart ass.

    Go to google image search, turn off safe search and type in watersports.

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