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    1. the world has more women in it that men
    2. the vast majority of prisoners are male
    3. military personnel are mostly male and single (or not single but their wives are fucking around)
    4. Sex, its what women crave (i think)
    5. im male 6' tall, 175lbs, 22 y/o and not disfigured/ugly
    6. i dont suffer from any psychosis
    7. my standards cover a wide range
    8. i have a penis that works

    where are all the good women hiding?

    and when i find you, how do i approach you to find out if your not taken/not crazy and want to join me for dinner without feeling like an idiot for asking in the first place? (feeling like an idiot is NOT my way of saying i lack confidence)....why cant women share this burden

    Women need to man up and start asking men out. lol. being coy is useless, unless you want to find the "alpha male" with a VERY low personality-to-sex drive ratio. Maybe this is my fault for having a below avg. sex drive. Or maybe its the world's fault for setting itself up this way. Or maybe im just not hot enough for this to happen (but i see the looks).

    Asking people out is usually the guys job, but i hate it. For me at least, i feel better off not asking anymore. I'd rather use my hand if the girl doesnt want to ask me out. It sucks when you suck at initiating conversations, but tbh i have nothing to say that doesnt involve an endgame in having sex with you, at least in the first week or so, until i get to know you. Back to the initiating conversation part, i'd prefer a girl to ask me out, that way i know she is comfortable with me, can initiate conversations, which would offset my quietness. Dont get me wrong, i can hold conversations, but small talk isnt my thing, i'd rather get a nutshot than talk about stupid shit....i cant help this.

    Why do women like aggressive men? Is it because it immediately shows you our confidence? If thats so, why dont you test our confidence by talking to us first?

    Are you afraid of being turned down? b/c we are too....

    Why dont more women ask men out?

    your opinions? girls please speak up

    edit- now that i think about it, you really dont have to ask us out, you probably get hit on all day at work or just all the time....making this thread useless :\

    also: this makes me sound like im shy, or introverted but i dont think i am, just in between...in case u were wondering.
  2. 1. There's a lot of factors to this, but it's 7:30am and I haven't slept. My mind doesn't feel like working at full capacity right now.
    2. Testosterone is a fun little hormone.
    3. Because people tell us men are physically stronger, and I have experience with military men, and trust me, if their wives aren't fucking around on them, they're (the wives) getting fucked around on. I was always completely loyal, and I never got screwed over since he was medically discharged from basic, but his friend... is a complete and total manwhore. And a guy I used to dance with is now a complete and total manwhore.
    4. This woman does!
    5. I'm 5'4", slim, not ugly. Glad that was cleared up.
    6. ""
    7. ""
    8. All good traits to have.

    The good women are out there. We are.
    Most women, myself included, can be confident, but I think deep down we're all self-conscious and have been made to believe that if a man is not persuing you, they're clearly not interested. I know I don't speak for all women, but for the most of us, I think I'm correct in thinking that's the case.

    It's not necessarily that we want dominant/aggressive men... but we want to pursue and be pursued by someone we can tell is interested in us.

    Also, maybe I misread this, but if I didn't... there are some easy women out there that will give it up within a few dates or hang outs... but honestly, if sex is really the only thing on your mind looking for a girl or one of the first things you want from her before really getting to know her, those will be the kinds of women you find. I do not get intimate with someone until I trust them and I'm comfortable with them. I'm not a prude in the least, and I love sex just as much as anyone, but that doesn't mean I'm going to have it with any man that comes along that I'm a little bit interested in.

    I wouldn't say I've ever gone out on a limb and asked a guy out on a date, but if I'm getting good vibes, I share the good vibes in a way that lets the guy know I'm interested. I don't act "coy". I just don't make the true first move because if my good vibes aren't enough to make a guy ask me out, then clearly he doesn't want to.
  3. Sluts are in massive supply my friend. Get it while the gettins good.
  4. to clarify, it came across that all i was thinking about was sex...not what i meant, its just that its the first thing we think about when "hunting" for potential mates. Dont lie to yourself either, the first thing that strikes you is looks too, its really the only thing you have when you first make contact. I know sluts can be in supply, but as i said i have a rather slow sex drive. If you must know ive been w/o sex for 9 months and on avg. masturbate at most twice a week. Its not the easy girls im after, its the companionship then the intimacy. Long lasting stuff, but its the starting of it, it just blooms after that naturally. I find initiating it to be unnatural, lol. (awkward rather)

    what i was really after you had answered, your self-consciousness makes it so that if a man isnt pursuing you then hes clearly not interested. why do men always have to stick their neck out? More unfair than affirmative action.....

    What makes you think this? and why do guys have to do the pursuing at the start?

    if i got asked out there would be some MAJOR brownie points in it for the asker. Lesbian girls ask each other out, im not trying to attract a lesbian but cmon :D
  5. /thread it up
  6. Just gotta go grab life by the balls and take some chances!

    And I'm not being a hypocrite. I tend to like guys that are quite shy; plus I seem to give of this vibe that I am untouchable so the "asking out" has often fallen to me. That said, it takes me a while to get to like someone and by then, I'm 100% sure of what their answer will be. ;)

    Life's to short to be beaten down by self consciousness. You only get somewhere worthwhile by taking risks. So go for it.
  7. If you're not thinking about sex, what the hell are you thinking about?

    I think about sex first. Name later. I haven't got all day.

    But that's all I do. Think about it.

    Never get to do in real life.

    Coz there're consequences to your actions, and these consequences are NOT GOOD.
  8. Ok, well that's true. Sorry, I was really tired. Yes, "sex" is the first thing you think about... but for girls I think it's more... I dunno. Usually the first thing I think is "Damn... he's really cute..." Yes, I want to be sexually attracted, but not so it can happen right off.

    I don't know what makes women think this. Movies, television, books. Lame, but prime example is the movie "He's Just Not That Into You".
    Women are made to feel that when we go after someone we act desperate, or only men have the power to to take control of a relationship.

    I hate that, and sadly, I was more brave when I was younger, but maybe a bit too brave, and I've learned to calm things down a bit. I can usually tell when someone is interested in me, and I've been lucky when I return the feelings, they usually do something about it before I get to. However, I think if I happened across someone that was too shy, and I was very sure, I'd do it.
  9. Just say "Hi". Im dead serious man. Smile and say hi to every pretty girl you see and youll be able to tell by their response. Its so simple you cant go wrong.

    I used to have the same problem as you and complained about women not asking men out but then I realized something. Youre the man, the hunter, the provider. Thats what turns women on in the deepest parts of their brain. You have to go make the move, no question about it.

    Just relax, smile, say hi and take it from there. Its written in genetics man. This process has been going on for millions of years. Youre bound to succeed eventually so keep your eye out for oppurtunities and go with the flow.

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