Why is this plant so short?

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  1. OK its a new first ever grow. Its one of the reasons why I picked Northern Lights. This short round girl is my very first so she got my cherry I guess. I started two and one didn't pop and I have a second set a week behind for my grow and one of them just sprang up.

    My question is if this plant is so short at this point is it good or normal? Under a nice new expensive LED and its only 9 days out of sprout from soil? There are more nodes and more coming from the nodes than I expected. Its less than 2" tall. Im using home mixed organic soil and lots of love.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. I pulled it out of the tent for these pics and I just raised up the light from 20" or so to more like 30 but my tent is only 7' tall so I don't want to get to big too soon. Some say this is a good sign as its going good even this short but I hope it gets a few feet higher in my tent and yields as much.
  3. A plant with very tight node spacing is most likely an indica based plant and will be shorter with a stockier stalk and because of the tight node spacing will probably end up with a very thick stalk and a very short growing bushy type affect. The closer the node spacing, the less height you're naturally going to get from the plant. When I grow those type strains, I force a stem from the time I take a clone or sprout a seed by trimming up from the bottom and forcing the plant to get some height on it through a stem. However, even with doing this, there's really not much you can do to make it grow too tall simply because of it's genetics. Just keep on growing it out just like you are. When it finally gets bigger than the cup it's in, it's about time for a repot up one size. Confining the root size takes less time for the plant to re root in after a transplant and will get it back to growing foliage faster than planting a tiny seedling into a huge pot. Be repotting up a size at a time, a good soil will feed your plants and you don't have to dump bunches of chemicals into them. We use very little nutes, good soil and I don't even have to flush at the end of the flowering period. I don't know 100% organic, but I try to keep it as pure a grow as possible. I don't want to smoke up a bunch of chemicals with my harvest. Good luck! TWW
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  4. It looks fine for its age. My plant was much smaller than that at 9 days... But I started in a windowsill and used crappy soil at first.. I'd say yours is on a good pace.
    Here's a link to my journal, you can compare and I'm sure you'll feel better about your progress lol.
    Indoor Bathroom CFL Grow (First timer)
  5. I'd say it's time for a transplant to a 1-2 gallon sized container anytime.

    Keep that light right on top of it but not close enough to burn. Keep doing what you're doing - the seedling looks just fine.

  6. First off thanks to Jerry for the info and posts on the organic soils threads. Shout out.

    Update on my humble grow of Northern Lights #5.
    I'm just not sure what to think of a plant that is about one and a half inches tall in tent that has 4 nodes from what my noob eyes can see. This plant was put in water 18 days ago and broke soil 14 days ago. The second seed was a backup set and its 8 days behind the first one and looks like its going to be good. The companion seed of each set just didn't go and it had time. A two week old plant with that many nodes is either good or bad. Hell I was almost ready to try and FIM it.

    What makes me scratch my head is how short the first one still is. Looking at the plant and pics its got 4 nodes going with a 5th starting if I can count. If you look at the pics she is only 1 and 1/2 inches tall and I don't know if this a good or bad thing. Its a little droopy at the moment and I think I watered a little to early today and at the end of the light cycle.

    I watered a bit early for the main girl for two reasons if I am correct. One I want to transplant it to the big 4.5 gallon pot in two days and wont water more but Im waiting on a order of gnatrol to arrive hopefully tomorrow since I have a small problem. I think it came from the Jiffy Starter soil I used but I don't know. The organic soil I mixed up from the recipe here doesn't seem to be where they are coming from when I see adults jumping.

    Ahh but my tent is starting to smell good when I open it but the filter is doing its job and there is no odor at all until I unzip. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The pic below is the replacement seedling for the companion to the first one. Its 8 days behind the first one and looks OK. I hope to be able to hold off flower change over to make them ready same day or so. Is that possible for same strain??


    Both back in the tent below.


    Hope this shows the Mars Hydro light and its supposed to be for a 3x3 area but I figured a 2x2.5 would be fine.


    Any suggestions or comments are always welcome as most of us new growers.
  7. I'm not an expert, but it looks like your light is too far away. Forget the rule of thumb, but lights should be X inches away from indoor plants. So you'll either need to raise your plants, or lower the light.

    Here's one of the rule of thumbs anyway:

    400w HPS: 1 foot
    600w HPS: 1.5 foot
    1000w HPS: 2 foot
  8. Its a LED Mars Hydro and I raised it yesterday some. I think I need to raise it more to get some stretch on the plants not the other way around.
  9. Hi jasper. Im doing jacjs at min fromm seed. Ive done jacks before in siol (this grow coco) anyway my seedings were simular to yrs. Small in height. I no the are both india and sativa but never ad a small jacks ever! Untill this grow. Wen i moved them from t5 wen about 3 weeks and put em in bigger pot under hps they totally tuk off. The smallest went to the tallestest of the group!! Ive lst and fim niw as 6weeks old but my piont is dont worry. I was worried too like i say.. i no it genetics etc but give it time and hopefully it will turn out like mine and shot up... good luck love. I think ya doin amazing for a noob too xxx

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