Why is this plant like this & should I destroy her?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Highdesertgrangegrunge, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. A friend gave me this plant with little info except that it had been in the shade. It came in the air pot. At first it wilted every time it got in the sun, so I kept it indoors. It got aphids, which I eradicated with neem and an herbal rosemary insecticide. I have kept it sequestered away from my other greenhouses but all are outside & I fear wind could carry any disease. It looked good for a while but now looks like this again. Have tried to check for russet mites but only have a 60 powered magnifier & live out in the country. I'll be grateful for some diagnosis/ help. Fertilize with all sorts of stuff...all organic, but not often, usually once a week, sometimes twice. Other plants are healthy. Now the new little buds are turning brown....
  2. FYI there are no pics hard to help with no pics
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  3. You don't see them??
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  4. LOL nope do you? hehe
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  5. Nope :)
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  6. Sorry, I'm afraid to post pics with my phone...need to think of another way...anyway, pretty sure that my plant had russet, finally gave up and destroyed her. Luckily she was not in my greenhouses so have not seen any thing like it yet, knock on wood.
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