Why is this phrase so satisfying

Discussion in 'General' started by deathfrmabovce, May 19, 2010.

  1. "I smoke weed everyday i don't give a FUUCK."

    Emphasis on the day so its in a higher tone and of course fuck.

    Even if you dont agree with this stereotypical saying, its feels damn good to say.
  2. mm maybe because you saw that nick swardson video?

    "all I do is smoke weed"
  3. it fits your lifestyle?

    who the fuck knows dude

    i'm gonna get high
  4. I think the not giving a fuck part is what makes it satisfying. When you don't give a fuck, life is great.
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  5. i think it's because deep down, we all wish we could just "not give a fuck." Some people are better at accomplishing this than others, but we all give a fuck about stupid shit once in a while.

    my favorite part of that vid was with the babysitter, shes like, "oh and how long can you smoke weed for?"
    "Allllll day"

  6. I sincerely hope your not trying to pass this off as your own...
  7. I personally enjoy dangerous retard. I use it whenever appropriate.
  8. DGAF motha fuckas

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