Why is there very little for teenagers to do?

Discussion in 'General' started by Hazed, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. i never understood this, but im sure this problem is the same for most communities.

    there is nothing to do.

    Its the same thing every weekend, hang out with friends in someone's basement, smoke weed. Drive somewhere, smoke weed, get something to eat, smoke weed, go to someone's basement...same old shit over and over again.

    movies are cool, but they cost a fortune 10$ a ticket and like 500$ for popcorn and 500000000$ for a small drink (exaggeration, but you get the point)

    you have to be 19+ to go to a night club (a waste of money)
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  2. I just sit around and smoke dope.

    I work retail (EB Games) and it can actually be really stressful, expecially as SSA (senior sales associate).

    so when I come home from work or whenever I got free time I don't really want something to do. I love just smoking a bowl or 2 then just, well..chillin out. lots of times I like being alone too. since im such a mellow kind of person most people tend to get bored when they smoke with me. unless it's a party im going to. then im alot more talketive and alive. hehe
  3. zzZzzzZzz
  4. Ha, I know exactly what you mean . I do live in las vegas, so its 24/7 everything... that helps a little I guess.

    I too know the cycle. I figure only a little longer, I'll be a full fledged Adult, or I'll get a Fake Id soon enough.

    And to go out to do stuff, all the time costs a fortune, I'd rather spend my money and things I can get good use out of, Like.... Marijuana.
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  5. I wish I had free time. Between work, school, travel, practice, and a few other weekly obligations I work over 70 hours/week.

    Free time is spent dicking around on the net and with my girlfriend. We go to the movie, rent DVD's, or, y'know, "amuse" ourselves most of the time but occasionally go to jazz clubs or concerts. I'm so busy running around all day that my free time is spent sitting on my ass since I'm so tired.

    Get a job, a girlfriend, and take up an unforgiving musical instrument(like a brass instrument) and you won't have any trouble with too much free time again!
  6. I have a gf, i just quit my job.. looking for a new one, no to musical instrument.

    I know.. new drugs:wave:
  7. i find plenty of things to do, smoke crack, shoot heroin, rob gas stations, kill people, play video games, all the normal activities of todays youth haha

    i was gonna make a thread on this earlier today actually, its kinda weird, except my thread was gonna be about how i wish it was still as exciting to get high as it used to be when there was nothin to do and gettin fucked up as new and adventurous
  8. new drugs is like an all new high , so find some new ish, theres always new.
  9. That's where youth crime is bred.

    I experienced it, there just isn't shit to do.

    As far as i can tell, this hasn't changed since suburbia began.

    Oh well.
  10. "im so high i dont even know what label im on"

    what freestyle name it name it
  11. you should learn to play instrument like JonBongJovi. even if it isn't something bras. play like a acustic guitar.

    nothing intense, doesn't take alot of time to learn some basic cords and playing songs that are good for playing around with friends just chilling.
  12. out here we take the pyrex, then we rock with it, roll with it....

    i know what you mean bout nothing to do, so either work/hustle and get money

    or go out and have fun spending it.

    IF this still doesnt help look at some teenagers that arent as fortunate as yoursellf and just appreciate everything you got.
  13. I don't know what to tell you hazed.. Life is shitty in entierity .. not just as youths .. its jsut gets shittier as you get older.. really u might be expecting better shit when your 21 or something but its not all that glory .. just cause were restricted doesnt make it bad ..

    like when ages 1-3 you really dont kno much just growing up aroudn house dont rember it .. but it doesnt bother you then cuase u dont know about the outside world .. then in prek and kindergarden u make friends and life is great at that age.. all gmaes are new and exciting.. your in great shape (most kid atleast) great athleate cause everyone just sucks .. ist the best time of your life .. then you start to be forceed to 6 periods a day in grades 1-4 and lifes great u have neighbor hood firends .. a small group of 10 kids maybe .. and you dont mind school because its easy .. then 5-6 grade you start to get a little bummbed out.. the games u played with the kids around neighbor hood arent fun nemore.. classes are actully gettin 'smei dificult' .. so i guess thats when you start playing innermural sports .. so then still your life is great casue u got football or baseball to look foward to with rooting parents..

    then in 7-8th grade you develope a greater 'clique' of friends and you start going out w/o parents around to the movies , on dates with girls for first times (other than your 5th grade hold hands at recess gf) so now u got stuff to look foward to .. but after 2 years of that .. it just gets boring .. thats when the 'routine' sets in your life..

    9-12th grade .. bacilly wake up - go to a school ur forced to go to .. dread it and shit .. and go to the same old movies . start chillin at houses .. it become boring..

    so really .. life isnt gonna get better hazed cause were young.. young when was when things were great .. life is just going to get more 'routine' and more fuckin boring .. and the quicker people reaize this the more they can get accomplised and die youg perhaps but happy ..

    (idk what i just typed im all fucked up on addies) .. i jsut wanted to let u kno .. dont expect it to get better
  14. thx dude, just wanted to see if it was me or not.
  15. Where in florida are there basements? No where around me has any.

    It does get pretty repetitive and boring after a while, my friends and I always mix it up with stupid fads and stuff though.
  16. First off, this comes from the perspective of a 20yr old... old enough to be out on my own... young enough to not be able to drink.

    I think that most teenages/h.s. kids have unreasonable expectations of entertainment. Yes, movies cost money, but so do clubs, and bars, and so on. I'm a firm believer in the idea of "make your own fun". My friends and i, in high school, would go hang out in diners forever, or spend an hour being asses at walmart, of going to my sister's house parties, or playing in the parks, or ... well... youg et the idea.

    Sure, there are not many structured things for teenagers to do, but they should be able to come up with their own stuff. I didn't grow up in a large city, but still, I was rarely bored. And if you are bored regularly, I think you need to examine your friends. Because in the end, it's the company, not the activity, that makes for a good time.
  17. I copied the text from a diff forums thread :wave:

    replace basement with shed/car/national park lol
  18. jims basically right, life does fall into routine, but you ultimetly decide what routine to choose....
  19. Man when I was in high school me and my buddies would get high and then play basketball. During the winter is was just gettin high. My town has shit for kids to do, it sort of drives them to find their own fun.
  20. dude you live in florida..... GO OUTSIDE.... you've really got it rough, you can play sports year round outdoors... you'd kill yourself in indy

    well said... i can recall the days of kickin it at steak n shake.... or playing two hand touch in the lawn and garden area of wally world... you and i seem to have come up similarly and at the same time... how much longer to you have? month and a half and i have nothing to look forward to (age wise) until i'm 40.

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