Why is there no link to MY THREADS or MY POSTS?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by E n i g m a, Jan 30, 2011.

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  1. Like all other forums on the internet.
    Here I have to go to quick links ↓ my profile → statistics ↓ threads
    It should definitely be under quick links or at least user cp.
  2. They are already located on your profile. Browse to your profile , click Statistics >

    Total Posts
    Total Posts: 980
    Posts Per Day: 1.95
    Find all posts by E n i g m a
    Find all threads started by E n i g m a
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    It's perfect where it is now, you will have to go there with your mouse and click three times, don't strain yourself ;)


  4. That's what I'm saying. You can come out with all these fancy features, like the like system but you can't make a simple link to our threads and posts?
    Looks to me like prioritizes need some rearranging. :p
  5. You can click your username in a post and click find more posts.

  6. That's true.
    But I'm mainly talking about the threads.
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