Why is there always another why?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by bkadoctaj, May 29, 2009.

  1. I don't know , why ?
  2. Why why not?
  3. Why would I know what you don't?
  4. The splits in the path always lead to the same place the main path leads, is it really another way?
  5. Lots of people know what I don't know, don't they?
  6. It seems to me the way you're on is the only way.

    Do you know this? :p
  7. Because
  8. It will lead to my eventual demise and whatever lies beyond that just like all the other ways, that is what I meant. (The destination is fixed)

    As for the path I chose, I don't know if its the only way. (Uncertainty the creator of doubt)
  9. Certainty the origin of uncertainty.
  10. I don't know anything for sure because I don't know everything for sure. What I think and what I think I know are all assumptions based on my unique interpretation of what I sense. Believing is just as good as knowing.

    In believing there to be a question we assume there is an answer. "Why?" is the question that has no answer, it is pointless to even ask because it can always be followed by another "why?"

    "WHY" only makes people think deeper and understand their lives better- it will never bring an answer that is summed up enough on its own. It simply begs more of a question, and it always will. "Why?" really is the ultimate question because it can always be asked and always be answered.
  11. But the answer is incomplete because when you ask why you already know this.

    When I'm tripping I sometimes recognize that the relation between why and why not is like yes and yes no.

    Extend it a little and you see that yes no is the same as no. Yes yes is the same as yes. :p
  12. A "why" question is answered as long as that answer doesn't pose another "why" question. But every answer poses a "why" question.

    You see an answer.
    You ask "why" that answer is.
    In doing so you ask a question.
    There is an answer to that question.
    You see the answer.
    You ask "why" that answer is...

    "Why" can never bring a definite answer.
    Neither can "where, what, how, when, who"
    I dont know what I'm getting myself into.
  13. Mind blown? :p

    If so, welcome to S&P.
  14. Some men see things as they are, and say, "Why"?...

    Some Men dream things that never were, and ask, "Why not"?
  15. who, what, when, where, how, why?
  16. Addendum to the above why...

  17. why am i even up answering yet another question about why when why
  18. Negligent? It seems they were efficient.

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