Why is there a actual flower growing on my plant?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GreenGiant123, Jun 16, 2019.

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  2. Sorry to tell you but this is not a cannabis plant
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  3. Tomato perhaps
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  4. You appear to have the opposite problem to this guy :/

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  5. It means you need to pay a visit to the person that sold you those seeds/plant and ask for an explanation and for your money back. I wouldn't be surprised if you start to either get tomatoes or peppers coming out of those flowers. Bummer too, especially if you've been growing it from seed.
  6. That's a tomato plant dude. They get the flower then a big fat tomato
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  7. Not sure if troll or serious.
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  8. Yeah I was hoping that wasn’t the case.. thanks for the input though. My friend gave me the plant before it started flowering and it looked exactly like some sort of hybrid

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