Why is the white house petition website ignoring us?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Blaze, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. As I recall, the number of signatures on the petition for legalizing marijuana had around 70,000 + and it needed only 5,000 in 30 days. Which was this month, so why are they not addressing this publicly?
  2. What a fuckin pig, so alcohol provides answers to those problems?
  3. lol how cute. You actually thought it was going to work

  4. I thought it would at least go better than it did.

  5. I never said I thought it would work, how cute you assumed that though :rolleyes:

    I was expecting a response.
  6. And they did respond. They said fuck off with this shit
  7. And I am a sad Panda :(
  8. It would help if youd stop sexually harassing people.
  9. :confused_2:But what's a world where you can't sexually harass someone?
  10. The Drug Czar legally has to oppose any form of legalization so obviously it wasn't going to go anywhere.

    The petitions are nothing more than a bullshit political stunt so Obama can say, "hey look guys, we pay attention to what you want!".
  11. Dude I know exactly what you mean. I was excited when they introduced it, I thought maybe we could get some progress going or something. Every response has just been an excuse not to take action on said issue. Its a load of bull shit if you ask me. I for one am tired of this half assed democracy, what with its elitist and corporate takeover, and complete disregard for what the PEOPLE want. but yea dude. sign this petition if you feel the same as me.

  12. They don't need us............but "weedont" really need them either.

    Photosynthesis Rules cause nobody fools you know who.

    she a real Mutha!:smoke:

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  13. A world without foreplay. Just go for it;)
  14. I will, I do, I shall :)
  15. [quote name='"mushroomsatsuji"']
    A world without foreplay. Just go for it;)[/quote]

    Ur fucking weird quit trollin
  16. the first round of questions might as well have gone unanswered.
    lol, in 4 months when someone asks obama, "Do you think the white house petition website failed because of your administrations lackluster response to the first round of questions?"

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