Why is the Federal Reserve bad?

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  1. so my economic teacher is always praising the Fed and slandering the Audit the Fed bill calling it absolute garbage. The only thing I know about the whole thing is that it's Congress's job to coin and regulate money.

    Maybe we can even get a decent debate going??
  2. The federal reserve is bad because its a private corporation that's in control of printing our money. They charge us interest on the money printed, which adds up and leads to debt. Also, we don't really know who owns the federal reserve.

    please correct me if im wrong, im trying to remember off the top of my head... i wrote a paper on the fed last semester and did some research on it.
  3. Not trying to sound mean or anything, but how can we get a debate going when you don't know what the federal reserve is?

    They are a group of private bankers who manipulate transnational money markets and economies in order to transfer the wealth from the poor to the rich. It's about as federal as federal express; they have never been audited, and they have lied through their teeth for so long, I really don't understand why your economics teacher is praising the Fed. Maybe he reads too much Time magazine? Maybe he can't think for himself, he has to have other people validate what is good or bad for him?

    A lot of people use the mainstream media as a crutch for their mental incompetence. Because the man on the television says something, it must be true! What your economics professor neglects to understand is that the federal reserve is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country. It is monetary enslavement.
  4. Fiat currency. Monopoly control of the monetary system and cycle.

    Just a couple of reasons.
  5. Indeed. World War 1 a few years after that? The great depression after the "roaring 20s", thanks to buy-now-pay-later systems of money manipulation in the stock market? Calling for people to trade their gold for money? World War 2?

    Except after nearly one hundred years, they've elevated themselves to such a degree, that the stock market doesn't even matter. They own every single dollar bill in print, you're just borrowing it until they want it back, plus interest. They don't give a shit about America, they lend to every single country in the world, but who are "they" ?? Nobody knows, but we sure would like an audit to help us understand quite a few more things about the fed.

    If your economics teacher likes the fed, you should ask him if he supports slavery as well. I will be surprised if he doesn't :cool:
  6. after getting out of prison I tried paying for groceries with a honeybun and 3 cigarettes and told the cashier he was getting the better end of the deal
  7. If your economics teacher keeps going on about a certain issue like "auditing the fed is bad" here is the best comeback:

    "Why is auditing the Federal Reserve bad?"

    He will likely give a very non-answer answer, and just repeat the question, "Okay, but why is it bad to audit the Federal Reserve?"
  8. I think the appropriate question is; 'Why ISN'T the Federal Reserve bad?'.
  9. Very interested in hearing what some of the more knowledgeable members have to say. I've never like the idea of the federal reserve myself, but my buddy who is in his third year of economics swears by it saying that if we didn't have it we would have a depression every 15-20 years. That being said I've always figured they're not going to say bad things about the econmic system in a mainstream learning facility. From mine own research on the subject the federal reserve is a private organization that prints money and then sells it to the U.S. at a certain interest rate. Wouldn't that just keep us in a state of perpetual debt? Why is that better than the government making their own money, why would a private organization have the best interest of the people at heart oppose to just making money?
  10. ^I agree it doesn't make much sense that a private group would be making the money especially since they charge an interest.
  11. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99DYh8Zpkpw]YouTube - Money - How it gets created out of thin air[/ame]
  12. There's two camps, Keynesians and Austrians. Keynesians think the business cycle is driven by "animal spirits". Austrians think the business cycle is driven by easy credit, a la the Federal Reserve.

    So one side blames the people for taking the bait, and the other side blames the Fed for putting the bait out there.

    It's pretty obvious who's right, if you ask me.
  13. Am I correctly assuming that you think the Keynesians are the ones who are at fault here? They're the ones who take the bait and blame the Fed for putting it out there? The Fed, meanwhile, tries to get the people to take the bait while thinking it's a good thing. They have been successful in that regard; they lie to us about their system, because even they know it's a fraud.

    Anyways, I don't think it's a clear-cut matter on whose "fault" it is, because nobody that is posting on this forum today was alive when the Fed was enacted, it's something that has been ingrained into American culture for so many generations, that it doesn't even seem out of place anymore. That's cultural conditioning for you. :p But having said that, I think that people have lost a sense of personal responsibility for the society in which they live. People just kinda live day-to-day lives, focusing on their 40 hours of work a week, and let the government do what it does, because they don't have time to dedicate to involving themselves with the happenings of the political world.

  14. Having to work so much just to pay the bills is a method of their control. Think about it you yourself agree that most people are just to busy to concern themselves with what the government is doing. If we were to goto a true free market people would have more money and have to work less hours. I say that because just look at how much taxes the government takes from your pay check without social programs the government wouldn't have any reason to take that much from people so people would keep all that money for themselves. Socialism is the modern form of enslavement and the federal reserve is just a tool to keep the slaves chained up.
  15. The Fed is basically the United States second credit card, besides China. It has good and bad things about it. I personally do not like the Fed. The Fed is privately owned and has interest on every single U.S. dollar. Also, due to how the Fed is privately owned it is Immune to the Freedom of Information Act, which means they do not have to inform you about what they do behind the scenes.

  16. That really needs to change everything about the fed should be open and clear. I want to see every single thing the fed does on a publicly accessible website. I dont care if global economics is very complex I dont expect everyone to understand the info they see but for those that are smart enough to understand we will be able to spot where something screwed up is happening. Don't get me wrong I want the fed gone but if I must live with it then I want it to be 100% transparent so the people know exactly what it is doing at all times.
  17. Good vs. Bad shouldn't even be an issue when it comes to whether or not we should audit it. They are in direct control of the value of your dollars, they should be thoroughly audited every year.

    80% of Americans now support audit the Fed. 80 FUCKING PERCENT!!! 80% of americans probably couldn't agree that puppies are cute. Where the fuck are our so-called "representatives?"

    I write to my national level reps once a month (at least). ALL my correspondence includes pressure to audit the Fed. The audit is one HUGE step in the right direction for reversing almost a century of destructive economic policy.

    EDIT: HERE is the link to the latest Rasmussen poll.
  18. Indeed, I'm surprised the majority of people are okay working 40 hours a week. But I guess that's what it "costs" to "live" in the "land of the free", and we can't petition the government for a redress of grievances or anything. :p

    Well, personally, I feel that the best thing to do is go back to the way that the Constitution set up the government back when it was originally implemented. State governments need to have more power than the federal government; the federal government should be small and only maintain inter-state relationships, not intrastate. I think people need to learn to interact with their immediate surroundings more, and that means local government, because they have a much larger say in how the government runs based on what the people who live in the state want. I'm sick of tuning in to some California-based news station that has an anchor from Delaware interviewing a Texan republican about an issue going on in D.C. that could affect the entire fifty states in different ways.

    Anyways, I'm just ranting on and on... :bongin:
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    Finally something me and you agree on. I feel the exact same way each state has the right to do w/e they want but when it comes to dealing with other countries we should speak with a single voice and thats what the federal government is for. For instance if north korea nukes cali the other 49.5 states would band together and go beat the sh!t out of north korea for screwin with cali. Basically you mess with one of us you mess with all of us type deal. But for internal matters the state government is the master of its own fate. OFC we would need to make sure all the states dont try and screw each other over like a state can't do something that harms the over-all united states. Anyway thats pretty much what our constitution says it's these foolish liberals that want to centralize everything under the federal government.

    Also dont let names fool you cuz liberals change names like people change clothes iirc back when the fed was founded liberals were going by the name progressives.

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