Why is The Boondock Saints popular?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Jdahms, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. It might be the one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and one where the director/writer was a huge douchebag and stole from various other movies.

    How did it become so popular in the last few years?

    This was sparked by one of my (now former) friends posting that it was the best film of all time on his facebook.
  2. It's a cult film which generally means some people hate it and some people love it, it all depends on your taste in movies
  3. I love all the movies it ripped off.

    it's a bad action movie. So bad that it's almost a satire on bad actions movies, but it has a lot of fans for no good reason. What I'm wondering is why do so many frat boys love this movie instead of pulp fiction or reservoir dogs
  4. I think Quentin is the master of ripping scenes off of other filmmakers, especially older chinese films, but I'm pretty sure reservoir dogs and especially pulp fiction has a bigger following than the boondock saints
  5. I thought I was the only one. I hated this movie.
  6. I've never even seen The Boondock Saints. What movies does it rip off?
  7. not sure what rip offs your talking about.

    and if you think the first one was bad, watch the second oone */facepalm shakehead*
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    the fact that is has any following at all is what boggles my mind

    no thank you lol

    as far as rip offs...blues brothers....pulp fiction....
  9. It's supposed to be cheesy. What do you expect from another film about vigilantes killing bad guys. They knew what it was and they weren't afraid to make fun of themselves. And it's not "ripping off" they're references, or a homage if you want to be artsy. They're not trying to trick anyone if you get the reference then you get the booby prize, otherwise it's the first time you've seen it and it just looks cool.
  10. Its a love hate thang

    I love it(cept the 2nd one)

    second one had alot of scenes i thought were over done n shit. alot with that girl who took over the last guys spot. fuckin stupid

    i was also trippin first time i saw the 2nd one. made me think 'what the fuck'

    not what i expected.
  11. I thought it was very good, that film is pretty damn old, I remember watching it in elementary school.
  12. The boondock saints is one of the greatest movie of all time. Maybe you should re watch the movie, be sure to:bongin: before.
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    the guy who made it didnt think it was supposed to be cheesy. He thought he was reinventing cinema.

    watch this doc on Duffy.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0shntGkUD0]Overnight Part 1 - YouTube[/ame]

    no. no it isn't. You need to watch more actually good movies if you truly think that. boondock is on the same level of steven segal B movies. Nothing in the movie makes any sense. the acting is terrible. William Dafoe puts on the worst performance of his career (all duffys fault). slow mo action scenes. scenes where 3 people are shooting at each other from 10 feet away and no one gets shot. ect. its not even good action.
  14. You weren't paying attention. It intentionally ripped off movies so the detectives could understand the motive.
  15. i liked the films, but i am easily pleased
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    probably because its fucking awesome... and ya ive seen a LOT of good movies, i still think its a certified gem.

  17. what about the movie makes it awesome.
  18. [quote name='Jdahms']the guy who made it didnt think it was supposed to be cheesy. He thought he was reinventing cinema.

    I didn't hear anything in there about reinventing cinema. Like your ego wouldn't be boosted if someone bought your script. He wasn't the only influence either. It has jokes in it. It's an action/comedy. Have fun picking it apart if that's what you want to do.
  19. honestly im strangely reminded of Jewels from Pulp Fiction every time they execute someone...i think it was the director reaching out to Tarrentino for attention...
  20. Everything in movies is a 'rip off' of something else. I mean christ, Star Wars is the space cartoons from the 1950's with a budget. Tarantino is literally the worst offender.

    Does it mean his movies are bad? FUCK NO.

    Boondock Saints is just a fun movie, it's got a wicked sense of humour and the director shows a clear love for other action movies.

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