*why* Is Thc Psychoactive?

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  1. I heard that THC grows on cannabis to protect it from UV damage, but WHY does it use a psychoactive chemical to protect it from UV rays? Why not just grow a layer of some other shit to protect it from UV rays? Why produce psychoactive THC which, remarkably, relates to cannabinoid receptors in our brain? I know I'm thinking way too deep into it all, but does anyone have any theories?

  2. Possibly a poorly thought out deterrent from being consumed by animals?
  3. maybe it's thinking, we've got cannabinoid things in our brains, maybe it wears its brain on the outside
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    The pharmacological actions of THC result from its partial agonist activity at the cannabinoid receptor CB[SUB]1[/SUB], located mainly in the central nervous system, and the CB[SUB]2[/SUB] receptor, mainly expressed in cells of the immune system.<sup>[13]</sup> The psychoactive effects of THC are primarily mediated by its activation of CB[SUB]1[/SUB]G-protein coupled receptors, which result in a decrease in the concentration of the second messenger molecule cAMP through inhibition of adenylate cyclase
    I think its psychoactive because it happens to be shaped the correct way to fit into CB1
  5. Well human chemistry is just based on the same chemistry as every other living organism on Earth, so there are going to be many chemicals in certain plants that are going to interact with our receptors. I'm not sure about the evolutionary history of weed though, I don't think it's been studied that much, but it seems interesting.
  6. I'm going to go with, because God is good and wants us to be happy.
  7. I'm gonna go with this one.
  8. Just a happy coincidence it happens to be psychoactive in humans/mammals. 
  9. ^^^^
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    Humans have likely been around cannabis for tens of thousands of years, if not longer.  Its not entirely surprising we have evolved to contribute to one another
  11. Not everything is functional. And its not been proven that thc is intended to protect against UV. That's just a hypothesis.

    Look at alcohol. Alcohol is a natural byproduct of fermentation. Its basically fungus poop.

    The yeast doesn't get drunk. The fact that alcohol makes you drunk is just a random thing we take advantage of.

    Same with thc. It just happens to be psychoactive. It didn't evolve that way on purpose.

    There are many plants that produce chemicals on themselves. They are not all psychoactive.

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  12. Yup

  13. Very well said my friend.
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     One of the most unintelligent responses possible. "I don't know, so god did it".
    Come on, really?
  16. dont question it, just love it
    we got lucky
  17. Me too, cited sources always win. 
  18. Well my theory is that a plants best chance of surviving is proving it's worth to humans so it would be cultivated. I think It developed the way it is to promote it's reproduction. Most living things have CBD receptors.
  19. Our ladies are too smart for poor thinking ;) haha

    Very interesting. What say you of DMT bufo toads?
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