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Why is swag more expensive in canada than the usa

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jaykewashere, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Im just curious why dank is cheaper in Canada than USA ( most parts ) but swag is more expensive . Sometimes i wish i lived in USA so i could get a qp of swag for 150 and make hash or something . Is it because we are further from Mexico maybe . Never seen imported buds here and the swag that is uaully here is grow by Asian crime organizations and is overpriced and often adulterated
  2. more swag in the usa ;)
  3. you really need to put the the h in there cause swag and shwag..two completely different words

  4. Yeah, he had my a little confused. I didn't know you smoked swagger.
  5. The lower grade bud in Canada is on average higher quality than the low grade in the US. The QP's for 150 are awful and extremely poorly handled buds. The low grade in Canada would go for much higher than the low grade in US. It's probably lack of demand though, nobody want's to bring cheap bad weed to a place saturated with cheap good weed.
  6. Meh, i thought this was an extremely clever thread about how magazines are more money in Canada.. But you just replaced magazines, with the word swag lol..

  7. Basic Supply and Demand...More people in the US want buds because they are harder to get here, but if you know the right people ever since this medical nuggy movement people all across the US are growing.

    and they are growing some proper dank...
  8. All great answers guys , keep em comin
  9. Dunno. I only get dank from the dispensary. Maybe transportation costs have something to do with it?

  10. next time your at the dispensary ask for some brick weed
  11. i have never seen shwag, nor do i want to. the cheapest i can find is $40 a quarter and even then it is decent weed. probably because most of the stuff around here is all locally grown.
  12. If the term swag is ever used to describe weed, I will burn every single plant to the ground and shoot the dude who first said it IN THE FACE.
  13. [quote name='"Macnub"']If the term swag is ever used to describe weed, I will burn every single plant to the ground and shoot the dude who first said it IN THE FACE.[/quote]

    Lol I was asking a question calm down Dood, yeah okay your going to deface cannabis lol...
  14. exactly the fact that we don't have "shwag" in Canada as others have said.
    We have
    -Uber dank
    -fooking dank
    -bomb dank
    -slighty dank
    -almost dank
  15. Just making a point.
  16. Cool a qp of shwag for 150...if only anyone sold shwag?
  17. Isn't the Canadian dollar worth more than the US One? Maybe that's why you think you paying more.
  18. You mean you've never smoked Old Spice's Swagger deodorant?

    Scrape a little of it off the top, shape it like a crack rock, wait for it to dry out and smoke it. It gets you so fucked up. Next thing you know you think you're a muscular black man riding backwards on a white horse.
  19. Lol, don't know what Canada you live in bud..
  20. #20 GaiaGuy, Nov 27, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 27, 2011
    Shwag is rare in Canada because most cultivators are probably too embarrassed to sell it. :p

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