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Why is some weed so harsh?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by -aCe-, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I have been noticing that strong indicas are really harsh at times. I don't what it is, the weed isn't that dry and smells like skunk too. But even in the bong, the smoke is harsh as fuck and makes me wanna quit after one hit.

    Another reason why i dislike indica, but what do you guys think
  2. Well inhaling burning plant matter tends to be harsh.
  3. No op i know what you mean, i have very sensitive lungs (due to allergies to pretty much everything airborne and smokin cigs lol) when i smoke too much indica all day i feel really fuckin tight in the chest. i think they just (tend) to produce thicker smokes in my opinion
  4. sounds like you noobs need to stop buying from amateur growers who dont know when to harvest.

  5. You obviously have never viewed my pick up thread. Calling me an amateur lol, you are a damn fool
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  6. Well my dealer usually has sativa grade but you gotta tell em to bring "high grade" it else he brings indica. So last time I forgot and just took it.

    And yea indica does seem to produce thicker/brownish smoke. Also it smells more earthy.

  7. Well i buy from a very legit dispensary that has a goof variety of sativas and indicas of which i try to pick up one of each every time. From personal experience too much indica in one day make my lungs feel like death, but like i said i smoke cigs and have horrid allergies so they contribute, but days of all sativas, usually dont have the same symptom
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  8. I also find some weed harsher than others..it sucks

    such is life
  9. Just strain differences man. Some dank hits better than others, but it's not usually how I judge the high, just means a little more coughing. You get used to the dankness after enough repeated use I've found.:wave:
  10. all depends on how you cure it, if it's not cured properly it's gonna be harsh
  11. I'm not sure but I've come to think multiple things can contribute to the harshness of weed, the things I could think of and remember arm were:

    Buds improperly cured

    If the the plant was flushed of fertilizer at the proper time before harvest

    Harvested at the wrong time in plants maturity

    Also sometimes if you smoke when you're really dehydrated it's super harsh like that too.

    I think I had another bright idea but I forgot cuz I just lit up. Lol.

    I hate when I pick up a gooey eighth but discover it's harsh AF upon first smoke, cough up all this black shit hope I don't develop lung cancer even quicker from that shit bleh. It's a sad day today because I'm only on this thread because I just got a whole fourth of this shit, looks dank, definitely gets you high.. At the cost of 30% of your lung capacity haha.

    There's usually like this weird hay/dusty yet moist smell to harsh weed in my experience so watch out for that.
  13. Like others have already said, when it's harvested and how it's cured has an effect. But remember, you are still smoking something which is inherently bad for your lungs anyway regardless of what it is you're smoking.

    As far as if indica or sativa are harsher than one another, to be honest I don't really know because there's just too many factors there. You have the harvesting and curing, then on top of that everybody's lungs are different in some way not to mention the method of smoking. There's just too many variables.
  14. You can do a water cure of harsh tasting cannabis and it will become a milder smoke.
  15. Indicas are also stronger and therefore tends to make you want to smoke less of it. They definitely give more of a lung hit. I could stretch a quarter of indica out for like a month, but a quarter of sativa would do good to last a week.

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