Why is Ron Paul the messiah?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SiicKxShoTz, Jun 22, 2013.

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               So many people become so defensive on Ron Paul, even on politically alert pages and sites.  I can not understand why people think Ron Paul is almost a Christ when it comes to completely saving America and fixing every last problem, and they seem to think it would really happen.
               It doesn't make sense if you know that both political parties are on the same side they fight the same agenda, they do the same things they push the same policies they enact the same laws they fight the same wars, they all talk their game before the reprsentivies get into office then they just jack more sht up, why is Ron Paul the jesus of surburbia? If anything he must just be a really good game talker to fool even people who are supposed to be awake into believing in him?
              It is unfortunate that he did not get elected so that everyone could see that he gets elected and nothing changes and the same problems continue to stumble on. He talks a good front but when you get into office nothing changes any person with a light on knows that, so why do people think this guy can change the world with some ideals that are probably just given to him on a sticky note?

  2. Well if you did any research into RPs voting record you would see he actaully walks what he talks unlike 99% of the politicians. Calling him a "messiah" is a bit much, as he is just a man. He most certianly wouldn't fix all of Americas problems, hell he wouldn't even fix half of them. But he also wouldn't be getting us into deeper shit.
    Like you say both parties are the same. Both parties were also very afraid of RP. That shows he is not on the side of the State.
    Basically in a nutshell RP was the "hope and change" Obama promised.
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    Ron Paul is not hope and change at all he's another Republican. He would be getting us into a deeper hole because of congress the house and all that jazz. There is nothing he could have done or changed at all as nothing big or helpful would be allowed to pass. No one was afraid of him because everyone knows the president doesn't change jack. Would he be able to end of these ilegal wars? no. Would he be able to repeal the patrot act, the NDAA, the NSA spying on people, would he be able to label genetically modified food which should be a RIGHT? No. He would not be able to do anything. The only thing he could do is repeal Obama's national healthcare system, God forbid people have access to a universal healthcare system.
  4. I thought you were sincer in your original question but now I see you are just another Statist caught up in the divide and conquer of Rep Vs Dem. Keep drinking the coolaid. All is well nothing to see here.
    Over all Obamacare is not a good thing. There are some good aspects to it but a lot of bad. You do know it was written by lobbyist and Insurance companys hence no public option.
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    Actually I am not caught up in any planned separation of peoples thoughts and opinions by creating opposing factions like republican and democrat, I do not vote at all. However, seeing as we only have an illusionary choice of Republican and Democrat, I would rather have the one that has tended to do more for the people and protect rights than the party that does not, which are the Democrats. Republicans destroy the country more significantly quicker than Democrats, while both mess everything up.
  6. Romney 2012
  7. Seems like pretty sound logic: republican bad.  Ron Paul republican.  Ron Paul BAD!!!  AHHH!
  8. The president actually does have a lot of power, however most presidents like Obama are just puppets of the MIC and Goldman Sachs. The president is the commander in chief and does have the power to start or end wars, the president is the head of the executive branch and has the power to abolish the bureaucracy of the executive branch such as the NSA. He can also veto laws like the NDAA and the patriot act.

    The democrats have not done anything for the people or protected rights, in fact Obomba has killed way more people in drone strikes in 4 years than Bush did in 8, and has deported more Mexicans, and raided more mmj dispensaries. He has accelerated the police state and the threats to liberty.

    And in response to the OP, Ron Paul is not a messiah, but for those who believe that we can work within the statist paradigm to dismantle the state he is the only option.
  9. Bush administation started it all so that it could be blamed on AObama when it wasen't fixed
  10. Hes not. He is a celebrity because he is tue one polititian in congress who knows his shit

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    This is so obviously a troll thread.  I bet the guy is a banned user like Hank Moody or some other troll.
  12. Lol dude Im not trolling Im asking a legit question as to why people really think Ron paul would change the world.
  13. Thats not really a "legit" question. You already know the answer.

    Ron paul is the only politition who always keeps his word. He warned of 911 before it happened. He kniws why the economy is going to collapse.

    And also, you said republicans destroy the country faster then dems and dems care about civil rights. Lol. Obvious troll

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  14. Protect civil rights "longer" than Repub scrubs. Republicans are the worst trash. But you're obviously another blind conservative/repub/ sheep :\\
  15. Almost every politician is a psychopath, but Dr. Paul is not. Ron Paul is one of the very, very few principled and consistent politicians to ever serve. He's probably the single greatest Congressman the US has ever had. He deserves all the praise he gets.
  16. Obvious troll is obvious.
    Seriously man, it's embarrassing watching people respond to him.
    Like, I see all these threads in politics that get little response but people come running to put the troll in his place lol.
  18. I will always defend Dr. Paul. Doesn't matter if it's a troll thread or not.

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