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Why is our weed better?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by WeedGardner, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. Lets say u go and take a weed from a drug dealer its the same as going to a whore house and have s*x with a prostitute....and if u smoke your own weed is like ...u meet the lady and u fell in love with her because u like her as a person and she is really pretty...and then you finaly have sex with her because u trully love her.
  2. Not at all the same...
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  3. Perspective. People place a sense of pride in the work they do, and are naturally proud of the results. At times, it is better because the person (yourself) put more time and care in to the growing, harvesting, and curing process than most commercial operations. Other times the quality difference is simply psychosomatic, and it really isn't any better. It seems like everybody and their brother grows where I live, and they are all extremely proud of their own product despite the fact that some if it frankly sucks.
  4. nah ur baked
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  5. Or you can just buy good weed from people that sell good weed. I have no idea how you link that to prostitution.
  6. jay719 - Ur absolutely right !:Love-Plant:

    7Forked Up2 - Its not about the quality ..i have grown some really good weed..its not the best but for me it is...its just the feeling when u smoke your own weed feels way better. ( and prostitution was just a metaphor)
  7. He's buying weed from prostitutes?

    Wait, what?
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  8. its actualy a simile since you used as tsk tsk tsk

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