Why is one of my plants flowering...

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  1. hello guys, I have three outdoor plants and one of them seems to have started flowering. I got the seeds online and have other plants supposedly the same kind which have no sign of flowering. I am up in Canada and its the middle of summer, flowering was expected in September...
    Any idea advices?
    6F7FF20E-91F9-4F18-8E7B-96F4F076E129.jpeg BDC0F5C3-DA3F-4EB6-A2C8-A3431EFB40A8.jpeg 53968C8C-CCAB-4B98-B0BA-7C88864F4CEE.jpeg EA53C7D8-5767-4FCA-990E-AD2D98971D59.jpeg
  2. Are they autos or fem seeds? How old are they?
  3. I’ve been growing them indoor for 2months and they’ve been outdoor for a month! They are all supposed to be northern lights feminized but I’m starting to doubt it.. the plant actually seems different than the others!
  4. Well you can see the pistils so yes it is female and flowering, but it looks maybe like its revegging? Leaves are beginning to grow back out from where the flowers grow. How many hours of sun do they get right now?
  5. We are reaching or just passed our peak, arround 15 hours. 12/12 is expected start of September. Here is a picture of the plants which are suposed to be the same kind!
    E2D50C0B-8D79-40E3-BBEF-E082AD3E027F.jpeg 0F76E0B8-A3A1-4BBE-8A39-3D0CEDDB1AD7.jpeg
  6. Wow the color difference is crazy! That is strange if the same strain. Both have been grown exactly the same?
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  7. Happened to me this year with my 8 ball kush lol

    After some research my guess as to what caused it was it was stress. It was way too rootbound in a 1 gallon pot for too long (2.5 feet tall in a 1 gallon pot lol), and i also topped it twice making it more stressed. The other 2 plants that did not have the same stress and were transplanted into bigger pots have not flowered like the 8 ball.

    On the bright side after i transplanted it to a bigger pot 2 weeks ago and it got the root space it needed, it got huge and healthy in no time and i think its revegging? Great lesson learned lol

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