Why is Obama Against Town Hall Style Debates?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stoned budda, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. That's pretty sketchy. As someone who has no idea who to vote for, that doesn't give me a lot of confidence in Obama. Just makes me think that either he's hiding something or he can't answer the tough questions he'll be asked, suggesting that doesn't have set plans to fix our countrys problems.

  2. Well we'll get to see what his "plans" are when the three debates come along.

    Thats of course if Obama can find anyone to type that fast into the teleprompter.
  3. He's doing it because he has turned his campaigning into a well-oiled machine. He has the lead and knows that if he plays it safe, he will win. On the other hand, if he does a town hall style debate, he could fuck up or McCain could get in a good zinger and shake things up. He doesn't have anything to hide, he just doesn't want to take any chances when he has the lead. And think about it, he could lie just as easily in a town hall style meeting if he wanted to, he's a good public speaker, it's not like he would shit his pants...

  4. But he barely has the lead. It's basically a tie in the polls. Why not use this as a chance to increase his 1 point lead. If he knows all of his issues and such then he should have no problem dispensing of McCain right?
  5. hes afraid of beeing booded,,,

    and heckled.

    and saying the word,,,,

    uuuhhhh,,,,, too often<<<<,:p
  6. Finally, someone with a brain answers the question. :)
  7. Because he is black.
  8. All Obama talks about is how he is black and he tries to use it against McCain when in fact he is the one deliberating such accusations. He talks about change, but he never says how he will CREATE such a change. Obama is losing ground if you look at the polls, only winning by a couple percent points, if that.
  9. As long as Obama stays out of town hall debates, he'll look far smarter and better spoken than McCain. Town halls are a big strength for McCain, and Obama's smart enough not to get on McCain's home turf. Whether or not Obama's preferred debate medium is indicative of his suitability for office... I dunno. They both give me the creeps, to be honest. They're both empty suits who tow the party line and flip flop for political expediency. Obama's just slicker, so he comes across as shadier.
  10. Except, the winner is determined by the electoral college, not the popular vote.



    Here's one run by a staunch McCain supporter:

    Of course, all of these polls mean very little at this point in the campaign. Wait until after the party conventions.
  11. Hes scared shitless of unscripted questions. I just watched a video, I believe it was on the norml website, but someone asked him if he would prevent the federal government from raiding medical marijuana despensaries if he were president. He stopped, turned around, asked one of his advisors for an answer, put his finger in his ear to listen in an ear piece, than tried to paraphrase what he was told to say. Heres the video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUze-oYsswI. Doesnt look like hes too adept at thinking on his feet.
  12. he just may be our next president,,,,,

    im not gong to down the man,,,but if he gets the job,,, i wish him luck,,,,,

    maybe he will be a turncoat,,,,and turn his back on the liberal puppets pullin his strings,,,,

    i believe the change he speaks of aint going to be a good change;;;:cool:
  13. I would think with some of his supporters stating how old and senile that McCain is that beating him in a town hall meeting would be a cinch. I mean isn't this the great orator?
  14. Man if you've been watching the news, you'd think Obama was already President

    Traveling abroad, meeting with leaders...meanwhile McCain is going negative with his ads and having them backfire.

  15. Yep, it's interesting that even McCain thinks Obama's presidential. I bet I know who his ass is voting for. Just like he voted for Bush in 2000.

  16. Thats because if you watch the news all you see is Obama.

    The only reason he went abroad was because he doesn't have any foreign policy experience and he knew McCain could hit him hard with that topic.

    He already thinks he is President.

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