Why is Nancy Grace such a dumb bitch?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by PhilthyPhil, Jan 18, 2014.

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    Simple question, watch, shes ridiculous.

  2. I stopped watching when that dumb bitch said people who smoke pot shoot each other while on pot. Like.... I don't even..... How the..... Why.... WHAT THE FUCK is someone that mindblowingly stupid doing broadcasting "news"
  3. I watched it all, what the fuck lol. Damn. That is ridiculous, op.Sent from The Gods.
  4. Quite possibly the dumbest thing I have ever seen.  The chicken in my avatar has more sense.
  5. "Why is Nancy Grace such a dumb bitch?"
    Because that is what she is paid to be! :laughing:
  6. Marijuana ruined the lives of families.
    Maybe if these family member didnt get so bent out of shape over their loved one smoking they'd have a good relationship.
    Maybe some of those family member shouldnt blame cannabis for their loved ones hatred towards them at realize that that person might just be a dick.
  7. Dumbest fuck on tv. Scum of the earth. As watched the video I fantasized about strangling her to death and then disposing her fat ass in a dumpster.
  8. that was painful to watch..
    someone needs to dig up some dirt on her and report it..
  9. Lol she really is fuckin stupid. Sent from my PC36100 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  10. [quote name="АugustWest" post="19361954" timestamp="1390025378"]that was painful to watch..someone needs to dig up some dirt on her and report it..[/quote]Im down. Who wants to help send this bitch back to hell?Sent from my PC36100 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    She makes her husband put his diet coke in an opaque cup so her twins won't know about soda pop ...Not sure who her husband is, but he must be the biggest wimp on Earth. I feel for her kids, they are going to be a mess once they get freed after they're 18.  Because according to her, once they hit 18 they can do WHATEVER they want. wow, I guess she is figuring on just an 18 yr contract with them. Nice mom.   
    I could never stand watching her rambling with that loud holier than thou voice, but apparently there are those who think she is smart because she is loud and shuts people down, and they(her fans) are the very people who bring this country down! 
    And where are the news stories on people shooting families bc of mj. Maybe over illegally dealing it, which wouldn't happen if it were legal.  I can't even get into an argument when I'm using it/high, or even a damn debate, lol!   :confused_2:
    Most everyone I know stays mellow, but I have seen some nasty debates on this forum, which surprised me. 
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    [quote name="Storm Crow" post="19361559" timestamp="1390019587"]"Why is Nancy Grace such a dumb bitch?"Because that is what she is paid to be! :laughing:Granny[/quote]100%! She follows the script just as much as someone like Bill O'Reilly does. Their job is to push the agenda no matter how loud they have to be about it, and ignore that they may not even necessarily believe what they're saying. Nothing more than puppets on strings. The difference is, O'Reilly is cunning, and the misinformed could be easier swayed.
  13. I couldn't even be capable of doing anything while high....
    The best i can do is to sit on the couch and eat cheese sticks.....
    So her point is stupid and should be culled from the earth
  14. All three of them should light up and watch some avatar last airbender~SB
  15. I think if someone in the political system or news media repeatedly reports false information they need the boot. 
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWPY7b35vF4
    Just had to stick this here. Old, but good.
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    The media loves idiots like her, just look at Bill O'Reilly...
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    the 100% biased info from the 1930's to them is the truth no matter how many advanced up to dater research studies there are to non validate there 1930's research. a 60 foot tall alien would not even be seen through the ladies blinders unless gov research told her to see it. ever here of the story Magellan's ship?
  19. I saw this earlier on another site. I couldnt watch it all the way due to the fact i wanted to slap the shit out of her. Sad thing is there are people that think just like her. I cant stand watching her..Even before this crap. No facts just her rambling on about her "beliefs". Clearly she knows best for everyone.
  20. Nancy grace debates herself, takes both sides of MJ narrative.

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