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Why is my tolerance super low?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SixtyNine, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I've been smoking since I was 12 and I'm almost 20 now. I can't smoke a full bowl (my bowl is pretty big tho) without feeling dizzy and uncomfortable. Since I found a job to pay for my weed I've been smoking daily for the past couple of months but still feel my tolerance super low.
  2. Could be a genetic disposition to easy-bakedness.
  3. Enjoy it well you can.. The day you take 5 milky bong hits and youre not satisfied with your bake is a sad day.
  4. It's a good thing your lucky man.
  5. It's sort of embarrassing when I smoke with my friends and when we finish our session by playing baseball I have to pass or I will get uncomfortably high.
  6. just smoke the amount you need to smoke to get as baked as you like to be. you dont need to smoke as much as them, and trust me being in your friends positions before, i know that we dont mind when you pass it up.
  7. ^^What he said. When I first started toking I would get stoned with my brother, who was well into his late 20's and and everyday smoker since well into his teen years, so naturally, I would have to cut my time in the session a little short or I wouldn't be able to function, but I'm sure he didn't mind more of the J or bowl to himself or his wife. Man I miss those easy-bake days. ^_^
  8. You a runner or something? I have a friend who runs in college and it is literally impossible for him to build a tolerance

    Athletes have it made when it comes to tolerance
  9. You're lucky! I remember times when I thought I was "too high" when I first started smoking. Now I wish I could get that high.
  10. enjoy it! try to only smoke every second day or less, it will make your highs more special. if you do it daily, it will be more of a routine thing. i only smoke on weekends and everytime it feels like its something that is "new" to me. this is just my personal opinion.
  11. i have a feeling you did NOT smoke for that long.
    not trying to be an asshole but hey lets look at the facts..

    tolerance build up is natural and happens to everyone,
    lets say on the exception your story WAS true
    most veteran stoners wouldnt complain about being able to get high easy..
    for me, i WISH i had the tolerance i had when i was younger.. now i have to take these ridiculously long T breaks ..

    so point is... cherish what you have, view it as more of a gift than a curse
  12. This is not something to question. Want to trade tolerances?
  13. I've been smoking since i was 13. I guess im just lucky to have a low tolerance too. :) I love it.
  14. I run and lift weights regularly. I used to box but stopped when I was 16.
  15. there ya go

    if youre not a heavy smoker and you basically have no body fat, with regular exercise youre not gonna build up much of a tolerance
  16. I started smoking regularly my senior year before that I only smoked a couple times a week and sometimes I skip weeks.
  17. You should be glad man, you get to spend less $$. And who said getting super stoneed is bad!? No one :D
  18. Correct. Since you're workin out regularly you dont have the mass of fat cells to build up a big tolerance. I'm in a similar boat, even if my tolerance skyrockets from taking dabs days/weeks on end I t-break for a week and its like Ive completely reset. It's all about sweating/burning fat and getting that shit out of your system asap when you want it out
  19. Why are you complaining about this? You have what everyone here dreams of.
  20. [quote name='"Ganja.Bus"']Could be a genetic disposition to easy-bakedness.[/quote]

    Lmao! Good one bro!

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