Why is my sprout doing this?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by LongDong, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Is it normal that my sprout is now 4-5 inches without growing any extra set of leaves?
  2. Could be stretching for light. Put up pics.
  3. I don't have a camera but I'm very sure you're right. I'm still a senior in high school; I live with my parents who don't know I smoke weed. I use a desk light because I was just growing for fun to see how far I can get in growing and I read more guides and my light was way to far away :(. Now the question is: Is my plant fucked or is my plant gonna be fine?
  4. Your plant would be fine if you werent living with your parents.. thats karma... You shouldnt be doing that.
  5. turn your parents on to the wonderful benefits to our good friend mary jane.

    thats what i did in highschool, now im free to walk around smoking, with plants growing around my house. usually parents get over it.

    everyones different, you should probably find some lightbulb holder things and get some 100-150 watt bulbs on it, not enough light is a bad problem

  6. thanks on your advice, but my parents are stereotypically asian and closed minded. However, the lightbulb holder thing i will take into consideration.
  7. Well with only a desk lamp as your light source, your not going to get anything worth the effort. I dont personally agree with kids growing in thier parents houses, so I would suggest asking your parents if they mind and if you know they mind...then either grow outdoors in the spring or just keep reading and learning the "how too's" of growing and when you move into your own place then start your grow.

    Good luck and hope you make a good choice,
  8. Don't grow in your parents' house. If you get busted (and of course you think you won't, but it can happen) they could lose their house. Wait until you have your own place.

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