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Why is my sister such a bitch

Discussion in 'General' started by Theweedman831, Oct 23, 2013.

    Yeah I tried that approach in high school, but you're in a crappy bargaining position when they're holding the diploma you need over your head.

  2. That would depend on the school. They would either suspend you or expel you. Some may even not do a thing.
    Suspension would be what I would guess the majority would go with.

    Spark it!

  3. Damn, that's a solid point.
    It really helps me appreciate that:
    1) my school never tried that gay shit on me
    2) my parents wouldn't have given a fuck anyways. "Oh, our son drinks alcohol and smokes like a chimney? Why, we had no idea... " :)
    So you know about a child living in an abusive home but youre not going to do anything about it because you dont want to be a dick??
    And your school doesnt have time to listen to some kids sister tell on him.
    Maybe you should consider joining the army or going to trade school. College doesnt seem like a good fit.
  5. give her a taste of her own medicine, snoop around on her shit and see how she likes it, bet she'll stop after that
  6. Where do you read about a child in an abusive home? Wth

    Op: hide your shit and you'll be good
    The part that I quoted, obviously.
  8. Nothing in there says anything about child abuse. It says that he has dirt on the dad and that he could get the child taken away; that doesn't automatically mean he is abusing him.
  9. Youre right, I guess CPS takes kids from their parents for no reason.

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  10. Who said they did? No, really, please find where I or any other person in this thread said that, you simpleton. What you're (foolishly) assuming is that the only reason CPS ever takes kids from their homes is because they are are being physically, emotionally, or verbally abused, which as anyone with any shred of intelligence knows is completely and utterly false.
    Nice try. Better luck next time, little guy.
  11. Sleep with her boyfriend.
    If she doesn't have one then do this: Stop smoking weed around her, or at all. Start being nice to her. Talk to her more. Connect. This might take at least a month to really break all the tension that has built up in the past couple of years. Ask her about guys. Try to get her to flirt with another boy. Or find a boy that'll ask her out. Let them go out for about two weeks. Then sleep with him.
    Well, that's what I would do if I were in your position. Cruel or just awesome trolling? I'd like to think the latter, because mischievousness can be fun.
  12. Made me lol
    Tell your sister she is a cunt who needs to get a life if she is so concered about you smoking. If my sister had ever said that to me growing up I would've laughed, and would've said "I have shit on you, dumb bitch. So shut your mouth" End of story
  14. your sister has nothing on my older sister. she was the definition of a snitch
    you need to find something to blackmail her on, that or move the fuck out after hs
  15. she doesn't hit her child lol she just has my mom do everything for her like make the bottles and clean her diaper
  16. I will try this tonight thank you sir
  17. yes this guy is a idiot my sister does not harm her daughter at all she loves her very much
  18. I wouldn't really cuss her out because that would make her angrier.. Be like "Katy told me you drink!" Or whatever her friends name is. Good luck

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  19. You sound upset. Did cps take your kids?

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  20. You mentioned the father. What does he do that would cause CPS to take them?

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