Why is my resin bubbling up and liquifying when I try to smoke it?

Discussion in 'General' started by KansasToker, Jul 29, 2009.

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    First of all please don't come in here and say don't smoke resin...I am completely broke and wanna catch a buzz know what I mean? Anyways I have a marble size piece of resin that's been in my drawer for a couple months that's rock hard. When I break off a piece and put in my pipe to smoke it and light it, it doesn't catch fire...instead it just fizzles and bubbles and it's really hard to get a hit. It goes from rock hard to really gooey and nasty after I try to take a hit. What the fuck? This happen to anyone else? I can't even smoke resin this is as low as it gets in terms of marijuana, lol..

    EDIT: shit's actually getting me solidly ripped with a little effort. But anyone know why it's fizzling and bubbling in the pipe is that at all normal?
  2. it might be poop.
  3. put a chunk in a bowl, and tilt it to the side a bit. That way it doesnt leak down the hole. After a few hits itll probably stay there and smoke just fine.
  4. hahahaha.
    that's what happens when large amounts of resin get hot. eventually it'll bubble down to grey-white ash.
    and then they'll be no more.
  5. it's called a chemical reaction.

    the best hash does it too.
  6. Gotta be PCP Just kidding!
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  7. if you have some kief, try molding it together. is it like a rock? or like cookie dough? I scraped mine and it was kinda waxy, cut it with kief, and it turned into a sticky wad that reminded me of some hash I got once, tasted shitty. but DAMN I got baked every day for like a week on that shit.
  8. its probably getting a secret message from your lungs.

    your lungs made a deal to do some extra "work" for mr. resin if he doesnt come over now.

    ya thats right your lungs went gay just so you dont smoke resin

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