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Why is my plant white?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by everydayforcast, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Started a plant on 1/1/13 and the leaves started white and are growing white. Any ideas why it's white?

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  2. looks like some sort of fungus?
  3. Not sure. The new growth is growing white to. Thinking maybe I should get rid of it but don't want to if its not fungus.
  4. Probably powdery mildew..there are sprays for it
  5. Think i will try to save it
  6. go get a insect/fungacide and spray it, if its one of the to it should clear up in a week or 2
  7. It looks like powdery mildew as stated above. If I was you I would start over based on the size of you plant. Once you have it fungicides are a band aid and you will be treating it forever. It is in the genes of the plant, clones of this plant will have it.

    If you want to keep it, use a damp cloth to wipe the leaves clean. Then use some PH down to make some water with a PH of 5.0 and spray you leaves. The fungus can't grow with this low of a PH, repeat the spray every 5 days.
  8. Yeah I think I'll start over.i don't want prolonged issues later on. Does anyone have any insight on ordering seeds from a bank to the states?

  9. I have used Attitude several times without issues.

    If it's one of your first grows you might want to use bag seed, you would be amazed at how good of bud you can get from an old bag seed grown right.
  10. I am actually almost done with my first plant with an ordinary seed from a random bag of good bud. Here is a pic. So is attitude a seed bank I take it?

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  11. Nice, looks very good.

    Attitude is really a broker, they buy seeds from everywhere that won't ship to the US and they send them here.

    So you can get Barney's Farm, Greenhouse and tons of other great seeds.

    Use 420 for a discount code and you get 10% off, plus they have a big sale first weekend of every month.
  12. Thanks man going to check it out.
  13. attitude is the way to go =p

    you wont be able to get off the site once you start looking
  14. Yeah I been checking it out. I'm just paranoid ordering to United States
  15. have it shipped to your moms house or some bull shit like that

    the shipping is very discreet.

    i got my package i last ordered from them to the us in 8 days after order

    was in 2 padded mailer pouches and i honestly didnt know what it was til i got it open

    didnt say anything sketchy on it for address or anything

    doesnt say HERES YOUR MARIJUANA SEEDS IN THE MAIL anywhere haha
  16. Any other suggestions if you live very far from your parents?
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    get a p.o. box =p

    or if you have a good friend that doesnt grow pot and wont steal your packages get it mailed there.

    i dont grow where i live at the moment so i just get everything shipped to me here

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